Literary Death Match Portland, ME, 2013 (a primer in photos)

categories: Cocktail Hour


My secret weapon

Long lines outside!


Jess Anthony goes first–hilarious NASA sex story.

Then Mira Ptacin, an essay about moving to Maine from NYC, powerful!

Judge Sean Mewshaw, director of film and stage! Deadpan hilarious.

Judge Chelsea DeLorme–funny, smart, quick, like her writing.

Judge Joshua Bodwell, MWPA director. Witty, wise, clumsy with the mike!

Crash Barry, star of Bill and Dave’s, brought a HUGE bud of fully legal medical pot, passed it around for show and tell. This bud’s for you! Great performer!

My pages drop like leaves!

The lightbulb goes off!

The judges are kind!

The challenge round!

The Champion!

Creator and host Adrian Todd Zuniga: this guy is funny!

My team: Ian Carlsen, Mira “Puts the Ass in” Ptacin

Laurels! And folks, that’s real metal!


photos by Elysia Roorbach!

  1. Debora writes:

    Oh cool, there’s Crash Barry! I never doubted you, BR! (Always side with the one wearing the holster.)

  2. Tommy writes:

    I’m not above celebrity gossip, still, I was surprised when I read Crash Barry had accused one of the contestants of having slept with one or more of the judges!

  3. Pat O'Donnell writes:

    Sorry I missed it. Harper tells me we SHOULD have been there.

  4. monica wood writes:

    Too funny! Jess should’ve kicked your ass, Mr. Reerbock. The “standards” at these things are slippery indeed.