Let’s Go On Strike on January 20th!

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So I know there are a lot of marches and protests happening and I’m all for those. But what about a huge, well-organized general strike? There needs to be some real way to protest both the asinine appointments/nominations and the growing foreign policy horror show that threatens all of our safety. Trump and his biz cronies love productivity so let’s just shut it all down. Maybe it is exactly what social media evolved to do….Let’s declare that the country, or at least the vast majority of the country that didn’t vote for this clown, will go on strike starting on Friday, January 20, inauguration day.

Wait, you can't DO that!!!

Wait, you can’t DO that!!!

  1. Jim Siragusa writes:

    When I look back on this, somewhere ages and ages hence, I will remember that I heard it here first.

  2. Jenny Yasi writes:

    I’ve long thought a general strike – and by that I mean, shut off the power main, the Internet, and just stay home and buy nothing and drive nowhere one day a week or month – would have far greater impact, greater political power, than voting once every four years.

  3. Weslea Sidon writes:

    Love to strike, but a lot of us women are protesting on 1/21 and we can’t get there if enough people strike on 1/20. Can’t we pick a different day, like Monday 1/23….

  4. Christi Cassidy writes:
  5. Sonya Huber writes:

    Hi Dave! You can actually sign up to “strike” at this site: http://womenstrike.org/ Both for women, nonbinary, trans folks, and men can sign up to take on additional work that day so women can strike 🙂

  6. Patience Bloom writes:

    I love this idea.