Henry and Me (In 3-D and High Def): A Cartoon Essay

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We have been getting a lot more eyes on these pages lately, which seems a perfect excuse to recycle something old as if it’s new (which Thoreau, the thrifty bugger, would have approved of).  Anyway here, in a slightly different format, is my cartoon take on my complex relationship with Henry David……. 




  1. Tommy writes:

    Geesh, can’t you memiorists forgive a guy a little creative non-fiction in a frickin’ cartoon! This might be my favorite piece, intimate and frank, well-said, and well-drawn, regardless of who(m) the author gives the good line to. BRAVO!! And I’ll say it: Thoreau gave you your life back! It just took 25 years to figure it out. And I bet his shack leaked like a sieve in the rain.

  2. Christa writes:

    I want my life ruined like David’s–where do I sign up?

    • Dave writes:

      The answer is: see the post coming Wednesday! Come spend a week with Bill and Dave in the Carolina Mtns!

  3. john lane writes:

    I always thought it was your daughter who asked if that’s where the man who ruined daddy’s life lived. Didn’t Thoreau say something about the unruined life not be worth quoting?

    • dave writes:

      Okay, look, I’m a big fat liar. Bring me to Oprah! I said it, but somehow don’t want to say, in a story, “Here’s this witty thing I said…..” (Boy, I am witty, though.)

  4. nina writes:

    I never said Thoreau ruined your life. But I won’t sue. Or tell Oprah.