Happy (Pagan) Birthday to Me!

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My wife was recently reading Cleopatra: A Life  by Stacy Schiff, and found out this about March 15th, my birthday:

“Until 44 BC, the Ides of March were best known as a springtime frolic, an occasion for serious drinking. A celebration of the ancient goddess of ends and beginnings, the Ides amounted to a sort of raucous, reeling New Year’s. Bands of revelers picnicked into the night along the banks of the Tiber, where they camped in makeshift huts under a full moon. It was a festival often indelibly recalled nine months later.”
It all makes sense…..


  1. monica wood writes:

    Ides of March birthday. Gotta be the coolest birthday ever.

  2. Rahul Dave writes:

    Happy Birthday, you pagan ! 😉