1. Richard Gilbert writes:

    Wow. Lovely AND powerful. Heartfelt.

  2. Bill writes:

    This brings a more than one tear to my eye every time–I can hardly say why. This guy with multiple drug busts, sharecropper mom, refusing to play at segregated Georgia venues. A great American, what can I say?

    • Bill writes:

      These subtle, gospel adjustments of the lyrics, the focus on the verse he starts with, the idea of a promise, of brotherhood, of God told me he would. And the pace, it’s stately, on the slow side, but overflowing with energy, very taut. Not to mention the Hammond organ background, whoa. This man taught me so much about playing keys. Let’s put it that way, though there’s much more to it than that, every 4th of July. When blind when he was five, so he saw before he didn’t.

      • Bill writes:

        Also, of course, there’s the matter of loving the song. Which I would vote for for National Anthem–no war in this song, or nationalsm–it’s a song of geography and hope for the future. That line about refining the gold of our goodness? Right? Instead of spending it?

  3. monica wood writes:

    Oooooooh. Thank you!!!