Happy Birthday Poppy

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Virtually actual Elysia in Uncle Doug’s actually capable virtual hands, Aunt Carol in cousin Johnny’s.

My Dad turned 86 yesterday, and as he’s been a bit of a presence here at Bill and Dave’s, I thought I’d send along some photos from the virtual (and also real) party my brother Doug set up.  It was a little surreal, skyping in to their dinner table in Atlanta, where Poppy sat unsuspecting.  Here’s a guy born in 1926 looking at his kids and grandchildren on video screens after a big meal and finding it confusing rather than amazing, as if someone had strapped Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist TV to his arm.  My sister Carol was there from Snohomish, Washington.  My sister Janet lives near Doug, and so she and her partner Brenda and their son were there in person.  Elysia and Juliet and I found ourselves right next to the old man as he tried to figure out where to look, and who on earth was talking.  Across from us was a laptop with Carol on it!  Nuts.  To complete the weirdness, I’ll embed an I Used to Play in Bands video that Poppy stars in, playing himself putting on his grouchy guy persona, hilarious.  And there he was last night, the middle of nine decades of life, taking his teeth out to make the kids laugh, accepting an Obama bumper sticker on his head with great sputtering, and generally having a good time.  Happy Birthday, dear dad!

Poppy’s virtual teeth, virtually, with Johnny and Allan.


Poppy actually puzzled, with Aunt Jennifer and cousin Maddy amused.



I Used to Play in Bands: Chapter Five (Starring Poppy Roorbach)

  1. Debora writes:

    Gotta get me one of those poppys…the world would be a better place if everyone had a poppy!

  2. Tommy writes:

    SWEET video! Wow, a Moose! Waterville Opera House?? Doesn’t seem possible. LOVE the decible meter – you can’t make this stuff up!!! Oh, and I observed that “toy” in action at a jobsite today – didn’t know it had already been invented. Very sweet, smiled all the way through it!

  3. Tommy writes:

    Having met your Dad, about a year ago during the Tarballs book tour, I found him to be charming and engaging, not the least bit befuddled. And thankfully he didn’t have to take his teeth out to impress me. Congratualations on another year well lived to Poppy, and all interested parties – real and virtual!

    Want to have a lot of fun!?? Ask anyone who’s from Snohomish to repeat themselves after you’ve ask where they’re from – “Where??” After they answer, say – “Bless you!”