Guerrilla Marketing with Eli Hastings

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Eli Hastings week continues here at Bill and Dave’s:


Clearly Now, The Rain is a memoir about decade-long relationship between Eli Hastings and his friend Serala. Although Serala’s dark and traumatic journey concluded tragically at age 27, Eli writes with hopeful resolution about his unique friendship.


 Yesterday Eli talked about how he wrote the book. Today he shows us one way he is helping usher the book into the world. As an indie author, this of course involves some guerrilla marketing.


Here’s an example: over the last weeks he has published an excerpt from his book every day via photos on social media. He will keep doing so right up until the pub date, May 1.


 Check it out:













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  1. Kyle Mustain writes:

    Hey, it’s late and I don’t have the energy to write a long comment, but I just thought I’d lend a hand in saying these are very, very cool. Best of luck with the book!

  2. Shelley Burbank writes:

    I love the photos with the writing scraps and the crumpled, coffee-stained pieces and the smooth sheets. OMG, very cool.

  3. Rebecca Whitman writes:

    This is brilliant! I love the marriage of words and artistic photography in this effort. The excerpts are pretty inspired as well. I would expect nothing less from Eli. He is as inspiring and passionate on paper as he was in the classroom.
    Most affectionately,
    Rebecca Whitman
    College Instructor and former student of Eli’s