Green Headed Jelly Babies and Other Fruiting Bodies: Mushroom Day at Bill and Dave’s

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Green headed jelly babies

The woods have been full of mushrooms this year, as I think I’ve mentioned.  Not yet a ton of edibles, as in years past, though I passed up a generous fruiting of black trumpets in the Big Reed Reserve, where you generally want to leave things alone.  But I took photos, which I hereby share.   This is by no means the best mycological fruiting season I’ve ever seen.  That has to belong to the late summer of 2006, in the Kit Carson National Forest near Taos.  Never before or since have I seen so many species fruiting in such profusion.  But Big Reed this past month won the prize for corals, and for species I’d never seen before.  Some of which I haven’t yet identified.  Photos may not be adequate–but if you know any of these, let me know!  32 species here, and a lot left in my camera…  My personal favorite?  Green headed jelly babies!


Magenta coral

Old tinder polypore


Yellow earth tongues

Yellow earth tongues



Yellow coral




horn of plenty

horn of plenty



Thick, rubbery flesh--what is this?


bicolored what?






dead man's fingers


dead man's finger (or maybe thumb in this case)








gills, veil, Amanita?





Sore throat

Jelly children


Growing on Michelle’s hand: Pluteus?



Tiny mushrooms masquerading as moss clubs



goat's beard?



Skull and crossbones

Scarlet cup

Puffball city

Gilled and worn, slimy. I.D.?


Turkey Tail growing on an old artist's conk


Beech log: can you I.D.?

  1. Peter Trutmann writes:

    Hi Bill and Dave,

    Nice to find you! Can help with naming some of the mushrooms if interested, I’m in Ithaca, NY. Where are you guys? Perhaps best to send me the pickies by email.



    • Bill writes:

      Hi Peter–That would be awesome. Dave’s in North Carolina, I’m in Maine. And I went to Ithaca College, back in the day. Would love any help you can offer, if any of these photos offer enough clues. If you click on ’em, you’ll get a bigger image. And many thanks for the look! Also, tell us about Global Mountain Action.

  2. George de Gramont writes:

    Spectacular! I know nothing about mushrooms & I enjoyed this. GdG.