Great Advice Thursday: Don’t be a Dummy. Get Health Insurance Now.

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March 31 Deadline to sign up for this year.  If your application is in progress by that date, you will be included!

Self-employed folks, adjunct profs, artists, musicians, under-insured, catastrophic coverage drones, uninsured friends: take notice: I just jettisoned my catastrophic coverage ($15,000 deductible PER PERSON per year at $684 a month, 3 people, criminal), in favor of a far more generous policy ($4000 deductible for all 3!), with out-of-pockets caps, etc.). I was under the impression from quick looks at the site earlier and invidious rumors that I’d be paying more, but with the under-heralded automatic tax credit for families making under, like, 94K, the new amount here is $419 a month. I could have gone $10,000 deductible for $129 a month!). Thank you Obamacare. And fuck you Fox News and half our governors and every Republican in Congress for all the disinformation. It’s still not single-payer, but it’s something! The health insurance marketplace works, it’s far cheaper for all of us (lies aside), and it’s going to save my ass. No doubt surprises loom, but after five years of paying a great deal for NOTHING (but denials of service), I’m pretty happy, and can’t believe I waited even this long. Deadline for this year is March 31, get on it.

Here’s the link for the Health Insurance Marketplace.  I’d suggest using the site, which any 12 year old should be able to understand, as brokers just add expense.  You’ll find bronze policies, which are cheap and basic, silver, gold, and maybe platinum.  Remember that health insurance is not the same as healthcare, and you get nowhere comparing your healthcare expenses for a year with projected premiums.  What you are getting is production against financial disaster if you fall sick, get in an accident, etc.  But most of all, don’t fall for the bullshit.

I put this call to action in a public post on Facebook last week, and what follows is the passionate and sometimes hilarious public dicussion that ensued.  Feel free to join in here or there. 

  • Bill Roorbach The website works perfectly.
  • Bill Roorbach A lower-income single person is basically free.
  • Dan Salerno Awesome post Bill. It’s so important to have real testimonials out there from people you know. I’m lucky to have a cushy state job but I’m glad to know decent care is availalbe to many more now. BTW, that $4000 deducttible, if I’m not mistaken, does not include lots of stuff that is covered automatically outside the deductible like preventive care, etc., right?
  • Bill Roorbach And if you get sick you retain coverage, and your price goes down if stop making money.
  • Dan Salerno nice: good incentive to stop working!
  • Bill Roorbach But then you won’t have any money for your surfboard and firearms…
  • Bill Roorbach If you make more, you pay more. Very happy here to pay into the pool that keeps people from dying on the street in front of the hospital…
  • Bill Roorbach I forgot to say fuck the Koch Brothers. Their invidious advertising fools a lot of people who would benefit greatly, greatly, from believing the truth and signing up…
  • Bill Roorbach Fuck the Koch Brothers.
  • Amy Wight Chapman Excellent! Both my son and I had a similar positive experience when we got our policies, and he actually ended up recording a commercial for Enroll 207 to help combat the rampant disinformation about the ACA, and got interviewed for Joe Lawlor’s story in the Press Herald:…/A_bit_of_nudity__a_lot_of…

    With those 18-to-34 making up just 19% of the state’s sign-ups so far, ad appeals get ‘hip’ as the March 31 deadline nears.
  • Bill Roorbach And how about these governors refusing Medicaid expansion, many in the poorest states, like mine. Fuck those governors. And fuck all the radical corporatists and the make-believe conservatives and the subsidized libertarians and the fearmongers and the pandora’s box pundits and the afraid people, fuck them all. This program is here to stay and will only get better and it’s one of the great political achievements of all time, at least in this country.
  • Bill Roorbach Teachers, tell your students. Students, tell your teachers. Share this post and others like it. Fuck you if you don’t.
  • Bill Roorbach Can you tell I’m pissed?
  • Amy Wight Chapman Beginning to get that idea…
  • Charles H Snell and give it to the koch brothers one more time ..hard…with sand in the vasoline!
  • Sarah Einstein We were able to get my previously uninsured and largely unemployed husband covered for an amount I can afford on a graduate assistanceship. The Affordable Care Act is kind of a miracle.
  • Ed Martin Way to go! helping others! Just shared.
  • Paul Smith · Friends with Mike Magnuson

    I’ve never met you, but I like your attitude, at least when you’re pissed.
  • Paul Smith · Friends with Mike Magnuson

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Ryder Ziebarth Can go you out of network on that? We have $10, 000 each- (3 in family)deductible and 80 percent after $20,000 @ $1,650 per month ( Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield) NJ had only three carriers. Its a killer.
  • Brian Willson I got a sick deal: better coverage, lower deductible, cheaper premium. Fuck the Koch Brothers.
  • Bill Roorbach In Maine there isn’t much beyond the network… Go look on the website and see what you come up with, Ryder–you might even end up in the same company, but with better coverage…
  • Ryder Ziebarth I’ve been searching-you’ve given me hope.
  • Bill Roorbach I think we’d better say fuck you to the Koch Brothers individually: Fuck you, David H., Fuck you Charles G. You are un-American freeloaders.
  • Paul Guernsey I got a great ACA policy for my family as well. It’s a great and necessary program for the self-employed and the under-insured.
  • Mara Buck Yep, even tho insured as a private (artist) w. Blue Cross for over $500 mo w. $5k deductible, with cancer I had to spend my life savings to save my life. If we’d had Obamacare years ago, I’d be solvent today. Fuck the old “system.”
  • Bill Roorbach The new system sucks, too, but it’s a start.
  • Bill Roorbach Sorry about your cancer, Mara–we and Somalia are about the only countries in the world where you would have gone broke for an illness…
  • Bill Roorbach But at least the pirates are actually called pirates in Somalia!
  • Nancy Griffin Yours is one of half a dozen stories from friends who have greatly improved their coverage for loads less money. Congratulations. Fuck the Kochs. And someday – single payer.
  • Lucinda Kempe 15K per person!!!!!!!!! Jesus H. Christ as my mother would have said. You go, Bill. Don’t mince words on the Republicans account.
  • Bill Roorbach Fuck the “republicans” and their account.
  • Amy Rogers Yes, despite a massive disinformation campaign, some of us remained undaunted and GOT HEALTH INSURANCE through the marketplace.
  • Mara Buck Thanks, Bill, I’m 15 years out and fine, but the insurance kept chipping away at the coverage and raising the premiums. And yeah, about those pirates; check the bonus for the CEO of Blue Cross. Ahoy, matey and the rest of us walk the plank.
  • Bill Roorbach The disinformation campaign continues. Even I was influenced by it!
  • Amy Rogers OK, I was a little daunted. But I still went out there, signed up and got insurance.
  • Bill Roorbach Mara, the Koch brothers could pay for probably 1000s of cancer treatments with the money they’re using to firebomb the Affordable Care Act. And yet it stands.
  • Jeffrey Thomson Bill, why do you continue to hate freedoms?
  • Bill Roorbach From the halls of Montezuma, etc!
  • Genevieve Morgan I wish I could triple-like!
  • Steffie Labrador I did the same and traded a policy that cost me $967/month for a $20,000 deductible for one I pay $364/month for $1000 deductible. I also couldn’t get any other coverage until this year because I have diabetes. Hooray for Obamacare and boooo to all the lying Republicans and Fox news.
  • Genevieve Morgan I have to check this out. Steffie, any penalty for pre-existing condition?
  • Steffie Labrador No, absolutely none. They only ask if you smoke. No other health questions and everyone gets the same deal at the same coverage level. I am low income so I get more than $800/month subsidy to cover the rest of the premium which would be $1180/month if I had to pay for it all. I live in Alaska one of the two most expensive states for health care in the nation. Wyoming is the other one.
  • Amy Rogers What she said. ^^^ Now, if you do have a condition that requires prescription medication, you’ll want to choose a plan that meets your needs in terms of the co-pays you want. Lower co-pays = higher premiums, and vice versa. No surprise there.
  • Genevieve Morgan I’m so happy for you. Will investigate tomorrow. I live in Maine where health care is a monopolistic game between two players.
  • Steffie Labrador I don’t know about Maine, but Alaska violently opposes the ACA and Obama. They made it as difficult as possible to sign up. It took me 5 days on the computer and many calls to the 800 number at their headquarters. I did it in December so I would be covered in Jan. It is going to get congested because March 31 is the last day. I hope it is easier now than it was. You need all your tax and income info to do the application. It is as bad as doing your taxes. Hang in there. It is worth it.
  • Bill Roorbach It’s gotten a lot easier.
  • Bill Roorbach And you don’t need anything near as much as for taxes. Just an estimate of what you’ll make this year, that’s all. If you’re wrong, up or down, your credit will be adjusted, no biggie.
  • Bill Roorbach I hit a glitch today and called, one ring, and the guy fixed whatever was wrong, and then I continued online. What took a long time was evaluating the various plans, which didn’t seem all that different… If you use a lot of healthcare, go for low deductible, higher premium, and vice versa…
  • Genevieve Morgan Okay, great. I will keep you posted. Thanks for putting this out there Bill! Communication is essential for truth to out.
  • Kate Fox Thanks, Bill. I get jettisoned from PERS health coverage in the next two years, and this was really reassuring.
  • Jamie Ford We may be switching as well. The deductible is MUCH less than what we have through my wife’s employer.
  • Amy Rogers Folks, about the tax stuff: You need only to estimate your 2014 earnings to see if you qualify for a subsidy, and if so, for how much. Here’s what’s genius about it: Say you qualify for $500 a month in subsidy. You can “shop” the plans with that amount and add more to the extent you wish and are able. But what if you win the lotto, get a six-figure job, etc? Easy: You go online and report a life event change, and they recalculate your premium accordingly. (Where I live – not sure if this is a state thing or a fed thing – you can use all, some, or none of your subsidy each month.) You sort it out at the end of the year. The “tax” thing everyone’s so freaked out about will be a line on your 1040. You will only have to pay back any subsidy you received if, at the end of the year, your income changed substantially in a way that reduced the amount your qualified for AND you did not report the change to adjust your premium accordingly. Good news: The reverse is true. If you lose income, you can get a tax credit for any premiums you overpaid.
  • Kevin Gray Bill — how many company choices did you have to work with? Here in Kansas, where the gov/legislature hate the ACA allowed only two companies: Blue Cross and Coventry. My wife needed a policy and Coventry provided the only thing affordable. Blue Cross premiums for us retired folks, though still working full time, were way out of reach. Of course, we’re too wealthy. HA! But at least we got here something decent and her preexisting is covered, something we had been terribly worried about for so long.
  • Amy Rogers Kevin, it’s the same here in NC. BC and Coventry.
  • Elizabeth Cody Wow! I’ve been doing well going through for quite decent coverage for me and my daughter for around 700 a month. Nice to know there may be even better options for the self-employed writer.
  • Dave Maloney Far out, I hope it pans out and becomes a thorn in the AMA’s asshole…
  • Carlton Colmenares · Friends with Karen Allen

    Glad for you, Bill! You get subsidized insurance from other taxpayers’ $$ ! Woo hoo! Yay! I’m paying China to finance our debt for you! Excellent! Screw it to the “Big Guy”…oh yeah, that’s all the small business owners and others who are covering your discounted rates. Love it! We’re eating our own children’s future! cCc
  • Bill Roorbach Oh, the choice isn’t great, but the law forces certain improvements in all coverage. The real sad thing is people staying with extortionate policies out of fear when so much better is available. It could be better! But it was certainly much worse.
  • Bill Roorbach Carlton, all insurance is subsidized. Our children have no future if we don’t take care of one another. Meanwhile, stay off the roads I paid for.
  • Bill Roorbach And despite the lies, real small businesses benefit from the ACA. If they’re smart enough not to listen to Fux News and sign up…
  • Carlton Colmenares · Friends with Karen Allen

    Live your dream, Bill, as long as the rest of us pay for it. As I said, Glad for you! As for the road, come push me off, socialism works in Crimea, not here.cCc
  • Kevin Gray Thanks, Amy, and I know NC is much like Kansas.
  • Bill Roorbach No, what you’re paying for is CEO salaries across the health insurance industry. And of course we’re all paying for people who get sicker than they need to because they have not care, paying a lot more than the ACA will ever cost (net deficit reduction, by the way). Stay out of my hospital, Carlton–you didn’t pay your share. And thanks for showing you know as little about world history as you do about healthcare coverage here.
  • Elizabeth Cody I’m going to go back to reading August Strindberg now.
  • Patricia Shipley Ditto potty words re the Kochs. I laud your views of healthcare, mainly that the ACA sucks, but it is a start. Unfortunately, what we could have done simply with a single party payer has become a massive Kafkaesque maze.. But that will be over soon as “the doctor shortage”, escalating by the seasoned (old like me) doctors being driven from practice due to decreasing reimbursements and rising overheads, will be solved as medical schools are increasing wildly and less competitive, doctors are stupider, “extenders”, NPs, PAs, etc , do increasingly more clinical work. Oh, and they are talking about making medical school 3 years. Well, there is a lot more to know now than I had to learn in 4 years, plus internship, 3 years of residency and a fellowship. If doctors weren’t such panty waists we would unionize and strike. No, too many are rich, white men that still belong to the evil AMA. Pissed here.
  • John E. Harvey Thank you, Bill, for putting this out there.
  • Carlton Colmenares · Friends with Karen Allen

    Oh I agree with you about the industry being beyond reason (thank you trial lawyers and unreasonable government). I’ll stay out of yours, Bill. But if you come to ours we’ll treat you.
    You may be a writer from Yankeeland, but that does not equate to your cornering the market on intelligent understandings…oh wait! You’ve just proven your elitist perspective by putting me down intellectually. If I were to label you I’d say you’re a cad.cCc
  • Kevin Gray You know, Bill, some of these naysayers never seem to mind how insurance companies for years have taken approximately $1000 each year out of our paid premiums for those without insurance who access emergency rooms. In other words, each and every one of us has been paying $1000 a year for forever to cover those without health insurance. You would think they’d be going nuts over this. Of course, another reason the ACA is a good thing.
  • Bill Roorbach I’m tired of being pleasant around knuckleheads…
  • Elizabeth Cody We’re all tired of you being pleasant around knuckleheads.
  • Tim Elhajj Fawc\kin ‘A!
  • Bill Roorbach It may be a morass, Patricia, but even in these early stages it means a lot of good for a lot of people, especially self-employed people like me, who were getting reamed. Let’s improve it.
  • John E. Harvey Oh yeah, FUCK the Koch brothers. And FUCK my governor, that moron Rick Perry. And FUCK FUCK FUCK Ted Cruz many times over.
  • Patricia Shipley I apologize to any rich, white men that I offended by my momentary lapse of political correctness. Some of my best friends are rich white men.
  • Bill Roorbach I’m one of them, but I didn’t have good insurance!
  • Patricia Shipley No, I meant rich, white, bloviating Republican doctors who went to bed with the insurance companies years ago, made a killing and left a broken system. Glad you are rich. Bonus.
  • Bill Roorbach No, just white. Probably male.
  • Anne Kaiser I agree with everyone and this Comment will serve henceforth as a “LIKE’ for each end every one. And keep those FUCK YOUs coming!!!!!!!!
  • Anne Kaiser FUCK YOU right back, MO FO!
  • Bill Roorbach Now we’re talking!
  • Charles Beckley Thanks for writing this, Bill…thank you very much.
  • Anne Kaiser When we finally get to meet in person I’ll regale you with some truck-drivin’ stories and my early relationship with FUCK YOU.
  • Hope Bordeaux My experience matches up with yours–when I got my W-2s and my exact income for 2013, I was able to get a much better policy for 1/10 of the old monthly premium of my old catastrophic one. And now I have reasonable co-pays like a real person!
  • Anne Kaiser …and these are truck-drivin’ stories from the horse’s mouth, and the female perspective. You’ll like ’em.
  • John E. Harvey I know I’m a dirty socialist and all, but I never have understood how health care or health insurance could ever be considered a for-profit industry. And did I say FUCK Ted Cruz? Well, FUCK Ted Cruz!
  • Bill Roorbach Bless they little hearts.
  • Leslie Mosley · 10 mutual friends

    @Anne, you still got your .357, FYI, PMS still works as a defense…
  • Anne Kaiser I yam what I yam, Leslie, and that’s all I got! MO FO.
  • Anne Kaiser 357 long gone. Too easy.
  • Frank Donoghue What’s so discouraging is that so many uninsured people, clearly influenced by all the disinformation, are just electing NOT to sign up. So sad. This is the best thing for our healthcare system since Medicare.
  • Timothy Kenslea I tried to share Bill’s post to my timeline, but all I could share by clicking “share” was the link to ACA. How can I share Bill’s message (and these comments)? This HAS to go viral.
  • Bill Roorbach And not just uninsured people, but people with inferior insurance at high rates… Whoever you are, esp if self-employed, have a look and compare…
  • Karen Uehling Thanks for writing this (of course so well)! It’s fantastic to gets specifics from a disinterested party on how the Affordable Care Act works for artists, writers, and other independent workers.
  • Bill Roorbach I’m not disinterested, Karen, in fact I’m terribly biased, involved, and pissed. But here’s a great chance to get insured, or to get properly insured, and in the process help insure that we remain a civilized society even while the predators circle.
  • Joan Hanna I keep thinking about what would have happened to all the people whose inferior plans were cancelled if they got sick with something like cancer and found that their insurance wouldn’t cover treatment. No one ever explained why these plans were cancelled only that it broke the big Obama promise.
  • Suzanne D. Kingsbury I love how suddenly fiery and radical you get in the middle of this post…
  • Richard Foerster I must have had the same policy as you, Bill. What amazes me at this late date is that even Democrats have fallen for the Republican lies. Here’s the letter that I sent to the York Weekly last January about my experience: My Anthem BC/BS health insurance policy was one of those that were cancelled because it did not meet the minimum standards of the new Affordable Care Act. It had a $12,000 deductible and cost me $334 per month. After the public outcry, Washington allowed catastrophic policies like mine to continue being offered. As of January 1, my premium would have been $386 for the same substandard coverage. My experience shopping online at was problematic. The website kept taking me around in circles, and so I resorted to calling. After seven sessions on the phone, I was able to complete my application and learn that I am eligible for a $501 per month tax credit for a new and better insurance policy. Since Anthem BC/BS no longer covers services at York Hospital, I signed up for a silver policy with Maine Community Health Options with a $2500 deductible for $665 per month. After my tax credit is applied, my monthly out-of-pocket expense will be $164. That amounts to roughly a $2500 annual saving for me, for a policy with far better coverage. Recently I helped a friend use the website to complete his application, and we were able to complete the entire process in about half an hour. The online glitches seem to have been repaired. My advice to those without insurance or with substandard policies is to ignore all the media and partisan hype about the supposed Obamacare “debacle” and to enroll through the marketplace. You will probably find you can get better coverage for less money.
  • Brandie Burrows Good to know! I have procrastinated long enough I guess.
  • Michael Ahearn Bill, take a pill before you have to file your first claim!
    And fuck you very much!
  • Katrina Vandenberg From Minnesota: our money guy said the same thing — his whole small family business just signed up. They were under the impression their rates would go up, but they went down *and* got better coverage!
  • N Taylor Collins Amazing how facts compare to truths of Fox News. Congrats.
  • Betsy LeBlond I would like this one million times if I could Bill. Disinformation is criminal.
  • Michael Hopkins Small business owner with a self employed spouse and 2 little ones here. I can’t even begin to explain how much better my coverage is now for my family! ACA! ACA! And wow, does Carleton Crapball above personally validate the olde stereotype of the Faux News watchin’, commie hatin’, misinformed, red blooded, male Texas republican ass hole or what? Nice work you fuck stick!
  • Janet Puistonen Go, Bill! We had that same insurance–$15K deductible per person, over $400 per month for 2 people–for over a decade. We paid over $40K in premiums while receiving NO health care. Who were WE subsidizing? As you say, it isn’t what we ought to go for–universal coverage, single payer–but it’s a step in the right direction. Time to stop playing nice with idiots and right wing liars.
  • Bill Roorbach Michael Ahearn The new coverage is with the same company as my old coverage.
  • Bill Roorbach Joan Hanna, Yes, the reason for the cancellation of old poliicies has been thoroughly explained. They were so poor as to be illegal. New policies are better, cheaper, smarter, more efficient in the economy at large. If someone’s policy was cancelled (none were cancelled abruptly all have been absurdly extended) and they got diagnosed with cancer, then, wonder of wonders, they can still sign up for Obamacare with no fear, none, of being excluded for pre-existing conditions. And no coverage limits if they are sick a long time. And on and on, all thanks to the ACA, damaged as it’s been by “conservatives,” who are the liars here, and bigtime.
  • Paula Whyman I’m so glad to hear this works. I hope people pay attention!
  • Bill Roorbach Of course it works. It’s just insurance with the same old insurance companies, only they actually have to cover you now, and for a lot less money… True, it’s on the taxpayer, but that’s how corporate socialism works.
  • Elizabeth Cohen so I am a little confused – does this mean you have to pay out $4 k just to get anything covered, like if your daughter has an earache? Until that $4 k a year is met, you pay for everything out of pocket? To me $4 k still seems high for the average healthy family. Help me understand this.
  • Meg Holzhauer Haskell Tell it, Bill. The disinformation around this issue makes my blood boil. is it perfect? Not a chance. is it MUCH BETTER? You bet.
  • Bill Roorbach It’s 4K for the family, 2K per person. Formerly–I’m self employed–it was 30,000 for the family, 15,000 per person. Yes, except for preventative checkups, you pay up to the deductible. This isn’t for people who have good insurance via jobs (academics for example). It’s for people who have no insurance or poor insurance. Of course 4K is high. This isn’t civilization, like most of the rest of the world, but it’s a start. For less fortunate families, Medicaid is being strengthened (in the face of insane opposition from certain republication (fuck you) governors. But it was always a great, humane program.
  • Bill Roorbach And by the way, Elizabeth, a healthy family is only that until the car accident or the diagnosis comes. At that point, 2K is nothing. Whereas up until I signed up for ACA coverage, a car crash in December that hurt two of us would have cost us 60k out of pocket. Now there are also out of pocket limits! And you could even sign up after your car crash.
  • Bill Roorbach But don’t have a car crash.
  • Heather Ahern Huish Bill ~ Thanks for the detail and passion of this post. Thanks, too, for keeping it real for folks that **unexpected things happen**. One of the things that frustrates my P.A. hubby and I so much about some of the conservative, anti-Obamacare sound bytes we hear is that they assume this fantasy that health is always a direct result of choices. Um… nope. Random, out-of-left-field, unfair schtuff happens and lays waste to family finances. Happens pretty frequently, truth be told.
  • Carol Kubala Your deductibles are less than mine on medicare advantage. I particularly like you statement about being a healthy family until something happens. I’m certain you’ve helped a lot of people today.
  • Kim C. Arestad I had a car crash…it only cost me 3,000 out of pocket…..thank God.
  • Elizabeth Cohen Wait– you had a car crash in December? Talk about burying the lead. Are you OKAY?
  • Michael Ahearn Bill, sounds like you hit the jackpot!
  • KarenKinser N MichaelMason I signed up in December and am so grateful for it. I’m a year and a half away from Medicare, and, at my age, insurance pre-Obamacare would have cost me more than half my income. So, very happy that I don’t have to just take my chances and go without.
  • Bill Roorbach The whole country hit the jackpot, Michael! It costs a lot less to insure people than to pick them up off the sidewalk…
  • Bill Roorbach Elizabeth, no, I did not. Too many threads in the thread!
  • Tom Ferris thanks for putting yourself out there for all to come at you… your a good man Bill Roorbach…..
  • Denise Simard I have great health insurance (yay, husband who works at Cal!) but in 1998 I was an adjunct with none.

    My gall bladder blew one weekend and I needed emergency surgery and a 3 day hospital stay. 40k. And this was in 1998…that number is probably 100k now.

    Sign up! Share with friends! ACA is the best thing to happen to the US in ages!
  • Douglas Campbell That’s great, a big savings every month for you. As you point out, it’s not the best we could have done, but it’s a move in the right direction.
  • Sheldon Kelly wife just got accepted today – better plan for much less. So … it was true!
  • Bill Roorbach Better plans, much less money. 11 Days to go for this year’s open enrollment. Tell one and all. Esp those with no insurance or catastrophic coverage.
  • Benjamin Vogt I see you can’t get into many of the top cancer research centers under ACA, and I’m upset you can’t get 100% coverage.
  • Bill Roorbach You can’t get into any of the top cancer research centers on any but platinum insurance in any case–that’s something you’re paying extra for in any case. 100% coverage? Where can you get that? But we’re talking about people with no coverage whatsoever getting affordably covered– It’ll take time to get them all into Bentleys. Still, I”m totally with you: single payer!
  • Robert Zachary I’m really happy this complicated,, convoluted, and most divisive conundrum has all worked out to yours, and your family’s better medical benefits, as you expected, Bill. I do not disagree, everyone should have reasonable access to the benefits of quality healthcare, in this country. That being said–I’ll sit down and shut up. I do like knowing it’s probably OK to say “Fuck You”, with cheek in tongue! I’m not saying it, but, I could be capable!! Congrats on bettering your situation–regardless of my opinion of the big “O”-care. For the time being, I’m OK with my own healthcare plan, and I DO NOT want the government FUCKING with it. although my premiums and deductibles have taken a huge jump?? No Shit, I’m glad you’re covered now. Happy Vernal Equinox.
  • Nancy Griffin Single payer=100 percent coverage. Maybe next time.
  • Bill Roorbach The insurance companies are responsible for the premium and deductible jumps, and these are regulated by state legislatures. Get involved, Robert! But aim your ire in the right direction! We could have had a kind of medicare for one and all, but noooooo. Glad you’re happy with your coverage, Robert Zachary, but I don’t understand why you’re happy with huge premiums and deductibles. And only false advertising would make a smart guy like you think it has anything to do with Obama.
  • Bill Roorbach In 2011, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield showed a profit, or net income, of 63,000,000 dollars, on proceeds of $1,197,934,306. The CEO of ABCBS was paid $750,000, one of the smallest in the nation. This during their successful campaign to raise your premiums and deductibles, and before O-care. The rest of that money goes to other executive compensation, etc., and not a little to advertising against Obamacare. One facet of which is blaming O-care for the very rates they worked so hard so get approved. And then you believe it.
  • Bill Roorbach Your raised premiums and deductibles are part of that 63,000,000 bucks.
  • Bill Roorbach What do you say to poachers who say they don’t want the government fucking with them when you try to arrest them?
  • Bill Roorbach “In all but one key Senate race so far this year, Koch-linked organizations like Americans for Prosperity, Concerned Veterans of America and the American Energy Alliance have spent more on issue-based ads attacking Democratic candidates than all independent Democratic groups combined have spent on similar ads criticizing Republican candidates. Americans for Prosperity spokesman Levi Russel said that the group’s spending is “part of a multi-year effort that AFP has been engaged in to put a stop to and repeal Obamacare.””
  • Bill Roorbach The Koch Brothers motto: “I got mine.”
  • Denise Simard WTF? I’m sorry, but because Blue Cross or Anthem or whatever GREEDY insurance company decides to raise premiums and prices, it’s somehow the fault of the ACA? Bill said it already, but man, open your eyes. It isn’t about what YOUR family is going to pay, it’s about money in their pockets. They don’t care.
  • Robert Zachary Do I know how to push the “fuck you” button, or what!! Hey, loosen up. Whether we like the status quo, or not, we’re all in this goddam cluster fuck together. We can all pull together or-??-
  • Bill Roorbach The ACA is an act of pulling together. Totally with you, Robert. Can’t loosen up in the face of so much bullshit! That’s how the bad guys win!
  • Carl Little That’s the roar in Roarbach!
  • Ross Nolan Good for you. Its gonna screw me and mist like me. I chose to be uninsured and now I have to pay some insurance idiot $6000 a year for the privilege of a $15000 deductible? This whole thing is like political masochism, the urine infested halfway house between true capitalism and socialism. Healthcare for all WILL NEVER WORK in America and this Nobama care is the nail in his own political coffin. Liberals have created the next republican monster, and its your own damn fault! There.
  • Bill Roorbach Ross, totally wrong. There are no 15,000 deductible policies in Maine under the ACA. And with the tax credit (I don’t know about your foreign types, granted), if you are making less than 94K, you will be paying probably a great deal less than I do, a 60 year old fart. Just go on the site and see what the actual cost is instead of throwing around pre-ACA numbers, which I agree are disgusting. The health exchange is there for people just like you and me. link above. No health insurance is, frankly, really stupid for a family man.
  • Bill Roorbach Ross–You should sign up for LePage Care–no application, no deductibles, no premiums, and no healthcare at all!
  • Ross Nolan My average health care expenses over the last 9 years have been no more than a few thousand dollars for me and my kids. The reason I like America is because of the freedom to choose and I dislike having that choice taken away from me. Besides, i’ve paid more than my fair share of tax in England. It would be cheaper for me to fly home for a procedure (with identical care and conditions). I’m still philosophically opposed. And another thing, unless money starts growing under my armpits $600/month is %400 more than I have disposable.
  • Bill Roorbach Right, but you won’t be paying 600 a month. You’re misreading my post, and you haven’t looked into the details of the Maine program. You might even be eligible for free care, esp with kids. Fucking limey. Get some coverage.
  • Ross Nolan I had healthcare. I can walk into my docs and pay %75 of the total (for paying cash and on time). If I walk into the ER I can’t be refused care. And guess what, if I tell them I’m a poor English bum I get a break on the cost. Works great. Better.
  • Bill Roorbach So that’s your conservatism? That’s your freedom? Who do you think pays for your care when you walk into the ER? They actually have a dumpster for English people out back of Franklin Memorial… Careful… And think of your kids…
  • Ross Nolan I looked into it. Its cheaper to pay the “fine” AND pay for my own healthcare as I go. Kids mother makes triple my wage so no freebies for them.
  • Bill Roorbach It won’t be cheaper if you get into a car crash and get hurt, or saw your hand off. But there’s also a dumpster behind the bankruptcy court.
  • Ross Nolan I pay taxes. No refunds for this bum. I’m a socialist by default thanks to growing up in England. It can work, just not this way.
  • Ross Nolan If I get into a car crash I’m fucked either way!
  • Bill Roorbach You and I will be on Medicare, soon, Robert, and we can relax. Ross, however, is going in a dumpster.
  • Ross Nolan Maybe I’ll cur out the middle man and crash my car into a dumpster Bill
  • Bill Roorbach They’re painting your name on a big green one now, brother.
  • Bill Roorbach You could probably get the blue dumpster plan for 50 bucks a month. Just do it.
  • Robert Zachary Medicare-true, but I have a lot to learn about it, till now, though Mom and Dad are making out–surviving, with that program–with a little help from Mom’s health insurance, from her former employer. The Pharmaceutical companies, and others in the same business have us by the balls. Our health care is held hostage, assuming it really is an entitlement to all of of us. Apparently, the health care industry, insurance companies, and elected officials do not see it the same way as the working, tax paying, government funding individual. Only in America. Good night. Cave Canem.
  • Bill Roorbach Said like a true progressive, Robert.
  • Amy Rogers Divide and conquer: that’s the name of the game. As long as Big Pharma and the Insurance Cartel keep us carping at each other, we’ll never band together to storm the castle and insist that these lying, thieving bastids lining their pockets with obscene amounts of OUR money spend that money on our healthcare instead of their bottomless greed.
  • Ross Nolan Cheapest plan is $239/month with $5000 deductible per person. That’s still more than I pay now.
  • Bill Roorbach As long as you’re getting something for your money!
  • Robert Zachary OH, I meant to get back to you on that question regarding what we say to poachers–“You have the right to remain silent–” There is usually NO Pleasure in it whatsoever. Glad all that is in the past for me.
  • Jason Steinhouser This is worth a read.…/outside-the-box…

    John Mauldin, Financial Expert, Best-Selling Author, and Editor of Thoughts from…See More
  • Bill Roorbach Remember that paying for health care is not the same as paying for insurance.
  • Bill Roorbach Single payer. That’s still my mantra.
  • Robert Zachary Single payer might be OK for some, but what about us married sumbiches??
  • Dozier Bell I’m one of the few whose premiums went up – to $400/mo from the $300/mo (with $15,000 deductible) I was paying before. I’m not happy at having to pay more – it’s a lot for me – but the deductible is now $7,000, and I do actually get some benefits – had zero benefits before beyond a yearly physical. Not complaining, just impatient for either Medicare or single payer, whichever comes first.
  • Janine Winn I’d like to ‘like’ your posts a few more times, but alas, it only allows one ‘like’. Glad to see the response you’ve gotten. Glad for your level of pissosity, too.
  • Mary Stone Allen truly hope you are happy with your new care, and not just your $avings (that came from somewhere, someone else, me?),,, good luck
  • Bill Roorbach Yes, Mary, it’s like Save the Children–you get a photo of me and get to watch my progress… Actually, ACA is revenue neutral. And better for all of us to pay into insurance programs for the 10s of millions of uninsured than to pay to pick them off the sidewalk when they crash, which is what we’re doing now, at great expense to our economy and our humanity both.
  • Bill Roorbach Personally, I’ve always been insured, always, and paid a great deal for the privilege, and received a fraction of what I paid back in healthcare. I don’t mind the fraction of that expense that went to support the illnesses of others–that’s what insurance is. I mind the ever-growing part that has gone into executive salaries and administrative costs of insurance companies.
  • Anne Kaiser The organism called Humanity is sacrificing the connective tissue of Conscience in favor of the perhaps misbegotten god of Individuality. Woe is us.
  • Anne Kaiser Quoth Pogo: “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”
  • Mary Stone Allen Please send photos hope you get the best for your buck (and choice). Must disagree with “revenue neutral” as the many taxes slipped into the bill continue to unveil, it just doesn’t grow on trees, that is simple math. time will tell us all more… and the millions are now buying insurance? yay!
  • Julie Murphy Seavy Could you repost without the link to “healthcare dot gov” so your comments can be shared? Right now if I press share, what gets posted is a link to the website.
  • Bill Roorbach Taxes are the price of civilization. Revenue neutral means that the ACA creates efficiencies that offset expenses. La la la! But still, single payer would be much better, and works all over the world. Kind of like trains.
  • Ross Nolan It seems ok I guess…but a very limited doctor choice, and specialist choice. And…I have no use for maternity coverage. Its all a bit fucky.
  • Bill Roorbach I know Ross, it’s fucky all right. Choice, apparently, is only for people with traditional jobs or large amounts of cash. When I finished my endowed chair at Holy Cross I asked the insurer what it would cost (post COBRA) to simply keep my plan going. Answer: $7200. A month. Which was more than I made. I guess they needed me to subsidize the large groups that had negotiated affordable rates. I tried not to shame anyone who needed my help! And signed up for abusive catastrophic coverage, which was still way expensive and far out of reach of most self-employed people or people with jobs that don’t provide some kind of insurance support. Which is most low-end jobs, 40 or so million of them. I didn’t feel lucky, but was one of the lucky ones. Anyway. The ACA is a step away from those abuses, a step to improve upon. The shame is that we’re even having this discussion!
  • Bill Roorbach Other abuses that the ACA fixes are the dropping of even long-term plan holders when they got sick, excluding pre-existing conditions from coverage, dumping high-risk plan holders at will. These people went into special pools financed by the government, us, rather than by the insurance companies who had profited off them for so many years. Do we really want to go back to that?
  • Ross Nolan In my humble opinion, this has been approached ass about tit. Lets start by examining doctors admin and their system/motives. In this country I believe that affordable PRIVATE insurance would be better if we were all able to purchase insurance from any company in any state. Ramp up the competition for our business and drive down the price.
  • Bill Roorbach Yes, that would be a real market approach. Like car insurance. And you’d have that Geico woman on TV with boxes labeled with different diseases. And the lizard: Save 15% on your new liver with Geico! I’d take it.
  • Bill Roorbach I asked the woman on the phone (rhetorically, I admit): it’s just me, the same person you’ve been insuring all along–why can’t I just stay on at the same reasonable rate the college and I together have been paying? And she said: you don’t have a group.
  • Bill Roorbach ACA gives me a group. Kind of.
  • Bill Roorbach This discussion has been largely about health insurance. Healthcare delivery is another matter and a great subject, also a study in unregulated markets.
  • Robert Zachary In legal terms, if you have a group, does that make you a “Grouper” or a Groupee” or maybe “Groupie”.
  • Bill Roorbach I’m starting to look like a grouper, I swear….
  • Bill Roorbach Post won’t share cuz I used profanity. Fuck that, cut and paste!
  • Roxana Robinson That’s odd, because I shared it awhile ago when I first saw it, with no problem. Could it be that you used profanity toward Fox News?
  • Bill Roorbach I like to think it’s the Koch Bros.
  • Roxana Robinson No, I take it back. I see I was only able to share the government part, not the profanity. Too bad!
  • Robert Zachary Bill, you’re being censored by your own goddam computer. You have probably been hacked, and infiltrated by right wing extremists. If it were only the use of the “F word”, there would be no fucking problem.
  • Bill Roorbach Robert, you’re the only right-wing extremist around here…
  • Lola White I’d like to toss in my two cents’ worth (re: medicare): Before I qualified for Medicare, I was being gouged (on an individual policy) for upwards of $18,000 a year. The premiums had been raised substantially for a number of years, once or twice a year. I tried to get other insurance, but I was ‘uninsurable’, though both my primary care doctor and my gynecologist considered me among their healthiest patients. I was extremely fortunate to be able to pay that exorbitant amount, (oh, & my deductible had risen to $4000), but wouldn’t have been able to continue to absorb the increases for much longer. I now have Medicare and a supplemental policy that covers just about everything, meds included, for around $200. per month. HUGE difference. And young relatives whho did not carry insurance before are now happily covered under the ACA
  • Bill Roorbach Spread the word, Lola! A lot of misunderstanding and misinformation out there!
  • Ross Nolan The next president is going to be a republican.
  • Laurie Carpenter-Downs Good point Bill! Thanks for putting it out there! Paul Arsenault…read this, there are people out there that are happy and grateful for government healthcare. You said to find one….
  • Penny Hood Thanks Bill. Last I looked ACA was too confusing. They have improved the site greatly, and you lit the match on my going back to check it out again. I have now ditched my $15000. deductible through Anthem and have a MUCH better policy for less through ACA. Whew!
  • Bill Roorbach Hi Laurie–Tell Paul that there are 49,300,000 very happy medicare beneficiaries, and already 6,000,000 ACA beneficiaries who are happy and grateful, and a lot more to come.
  • Bill Roorbach He’ll just give you the next lame talking point, but still.
  • Ross Nolan My old man just had an ultrasound, cat scan, MRI, a few days in hospital, appointments with 2 specialists, and follow up visits. All for the price of a life time of paying taxes.
  • Bill Roorbach And around the world billions of people on single payer coverage from civilized governments, blessed with the compassion of their fellow citizens…
  • Bill Roorbach Ross, he probably used, like, roads and other taxpayer stuff, and helped pay for a few bombers… Is he in England?
  • Laurie Carpenter-Downs Oh I’ve tried Bill…I’ve tried. In time he’ll see, he may not admit it but he’ll know
  • Ross Nolan I helped pay for them too, once. They even sent me a letter a few years back asking if I’d like to continue paying for them. Funny how silence is also an answer.
  • Ross Nolan Not even the conservatives would dare to get rid of the NHS back home. 50 years and it still works. Of course the country is full of socialists which helps.
  • Paul Arsenault ACA for me was everything but affordable 561.00 a month for 5000 deduct able. No vision no dental. I have health care so could care less. However when it sounds too good to be true it normally is let’s see how many people pay for this mess. Health care huge mess in U S A as for Fox News if it’s so bad why does it blow every other network away? If Obama care was so good why isn’t millions on the exchange. This has less to do with the president and more to do with the government in the healthcare business. I’ve always paid my way by hard work and honesty. I won’t even mention the filth used to describe a news network by someone that should know better. Farmington a great college my daughter went there.
  • Bill Roorbach Sorry, Paul, foreign-owned and managed Fox News (Murdoch is Australian, Al-Waleed bin Talal, principal investor, Saudi Arabian), is not conservative but radical corporatist. They work hard to stir the waters and sow division, but I bet you and I would get along fine were we to meet. This isn’t religion, where I would be inclined to respect your beliefs. this is the real world, and facts count. I’m glad you looked up your rates on the ACA website. You must make a lot of money to have those numbers come through, or a big family. Or you’ve read it wrong, and I’d be glad to help clarify. Either way, the ACA is a literal lifesaver for people with no insurance, none, and also those of us hardworking, loyal Americans who are self-employed and could until now only be insured at exorbitant rates (supporting your better rates). But you’ve got yours. Is that your freedom? I’ve done my share and supported your insurance coverage by my own payments over many years. Obamacare now has 6 million subscribers–so there’s your answer on that score. Government in healthcare? Who do you think built the hospitals, most of them? We did–with our government. Who pays for huge percentages of health research? We do–with our government. Do you really want to cede our freedom to corporations? Of course not–you want smart regulation. Do you want to be dropped from your insurance when you get sick? That’s what was happening before the ACA. Do you want to have preexisting conditions excluded from your coverage? Have your coverage cut off when it gets too expensive? That’s what was happening till the ACA. And all those profit-eating cases were shunted off on the government. That is, you and I were paying for it when those people had paid their premiums for whole lifetimes. And it cost a lot more than the ACA will ever cost. Government is our tool to battle corporate power, greed, and abuse. And finally, you sound like a moral person: where’s your compassion? Sorry about my strong language–I was angry.
  • Paul Arsenault I’ve had cancer. I’ve had other issues never been refused for ins. No one has more empathy for the poor than I however 5 million people have signed up they can’t say how many have paid? 6 million have lost coverage because of exchange. This country needs a fair. Honest, non political exchange. We don’t need 4 a gallon has or oil in Maine or anywhere . There are thousands of issues that are crippling this country a democrat or a republican can’t fix it. If this country doesn’t get it’s priorities right soon the mess will thicken. You have fox on 1 hand and msnbc on the other. Read between the lines, thanks for your kind reply good luck with your ins, your test driving a policy that’s been changed 100 times and I assume will 100 more. I hope honestly your happy with it. Yes I think it may have been my income
  • Bill Roorbach Paul, thanks. No one lost coverage. They just had their policies switched to legal non-abusive policies. Some may have opted out on the advice of Fox News, who have vigorously misrepresented the positive shift for these polices, but that’s probably an education issue. I tend to be an optimist, and I do think we’ll get past the present impasses. Rupert Murdoch can’t hold on forever! You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. A famous republican said that. A real one, not one of these corporate-owned nut jobs we have today. Okay, that was mean. I know there is a principled stand against socialism possible (though those folks seem to be happy to give away money to corporations). And I know there are principled worriers about spending (but again, the worry seems to go away if Halliburton is the recipient). But mostly there are very rich people (you wouldn’t come close) manipulating people to whom they’ve denied education into thinking they are on the same team. That’s just got to stop.
  • Ross Nolan Pre existing condition coverage was dealt with in Maine a long time ago. That’s why all the insurance companies fucked off. Remember that? Went from 9 providers to 2 overnight.? And the fact that there are 102 million Americans ans only 6 million have signed up (as you just stated) is testament as to how fucked it is. I’m glad you got a deal, but the vast majority will not, and in America that counts. I’m not a republican but I really hope that when Obama leaves a republican administration takes this whole mess over. When it comes to health care America can only handle a fiscally conservative approach. Sorry.
  • Daniel Bootblack Woodward And a fiscally conservative approach is what has our health care system ranked so low compared to others around the world.
  • Ross Nolan Agreed, a change was necessary but not this.
  • Bill Roorbach Ross, that was a great moment, when Maine led the pack. Like getting sick and realizing who your friends are. Those insurance companies fled Maine like the rats they are. But in fact, there were more than 2. Harvard Pilgrim is not in your count, I bet. And several more. They just charged a lot. There are about 40 million uninsured. I guess 35 million now. That’s the important number. Oh, and one stubborn limey bastard, you. And many are being criminally misled by foreign-owned Fox “News,” and by “republican” politicians–Can you imagine the irresponsibility of urging young people not to sign up for health insurance? I do think the US is ready for real healthcare and that we are on the way. I repeat: Medicare works beautifully. Reports of its demise are propaganda. BTW, you’d better hope any new “republican” administration doesn’t kick you out–they hate foreigners. Except the Fox News foreigners.
  • Bill Roorbach By the way, friends, whenever you mention Fox News, add the descriptor “Foreign Owned.” It’s true and it would be nice if the xenophobes who love that crap so much knew it!
  • Bill Roorbach Call your congresspeople, by the way–don’t let them think you don’t care about the ACA.
  • Bill Roorbach And back to Ross. I didn’t really get a deal, I just got a far better package than I had. I’d love to go back to the packages I had as a professor.
  • Dozier Bell My husband has Medicare, and it’s the freakin’ Promised Land of health insurance. It should just be extended to everyone, period – enough of this pseudo-choice crap, which is only ever a choice between bad and worse. It works well and is way cheaper to administer than what we have now. I’m sick to death of paying throught the nose for aptly-named “catastrophic” policies that have been all I could afford until the ACA. I bought them because i’ve known two people who lost *everything* when they got sick. One had no insurance, fell down a flight of stairs and was paritally paralyzed for close to a year, long enough to lose his home and business; the other had cancer right after her son had been in a serious (i.e., expensive) car accident, and her insurance company dumped her. A lot of people are doing cartwheels about finally being able to have secure insurance that is more or less affordable.
  • Bill Roorbach I’m with you, Dozier. Extend Medicare gradually down to birth. Pay for it with premiums, sure. Just cut out the insurance companies, who skim billions upon billions off of the top of our care, then use the money to lobby against having to provide real coverage to any but their “platinum” customers. And, of course, pay their executives handsomely…
  • Paul Arsenault Bill u must watch fox 24/7 to be so informed about them. They are number 1 in USA why? I agree Medicare is a great program exspensive but great for seniors although before my mother died she did have another as a co that helped her a lot. If not fox what should I watch someone like Ed Schlutz used to watch Dobbs on cnn
  • Bill Roorbach Schultz is a great voice for labor. Lou Dobbs is nuts, especially when it comes to immigration. Fox is number 1 because they monopolize the dumbass market. Other stations compete for the much larger pool of better-informed viewers. Rachel Maddow beats Paul O’Reilly from time to time, too, thank goodness (and he claims to respect her). By the way, can you imagine the uproar if MSNBC were owned by foreigners?
  • Bill Roorbach BTW, I’m going to have a bumper sticker made: Voting Republican? Are You Rich or Stupid?
  • Bill Roorbach Rich means 3 million a year adjusted gross income.
  • Nancy Griffin I’ll order one of those bumper stickers, Bill Roorbach!
  • Bill Roorbach Though, of course, the democrats must come in for their share of blame.
  • Nancy Griffin Yes, but it’s far from equal.
  • Paul Arsenault U said a mouthful your another hateful liberal. Not someone that cares about solving issues if you really cared about helping you would stop the hate like Schultz and start speaking out. I bash republicans all the time when I disagree but mostly I only care about those whom I can protect. I dare you to have such a bumper sticker and drive
  • Paul Arsenault It would only show your true side this is when I get off this discussion because you would vote for the devil if he was a liberal. So talking to you is a waste of breath good luck with your healthcare and get ready for 2014 November
  • Bill Roorbach Sorry, Paul, I thought it was funny. Your devil joke is funny too. I’ll go lick my wounds. This election will be interesting, you’re right. Will money win? Will 55% of middle-class white males continue to vote against their own interests? Will seditious “republican” voter suppression efforts work? (If people were more informed and could freely vote, no “republican” candidate would ever win again.) I seem to remember triumphal predictions about Obama’s downfall in 2012, too. Stay tuned.
  • Anne Kaiser It seems telling that the two apparently conservative and/or republican visitors here come across as angry and sarcastic, while the rest of the respondents seem relieved, happy, and perhaps grateful ( at least able to finally exhale) about the ACA. Unless you have done without and done without and done without, (insurance and so much else) it is harsh and not at all compassionate to scorn the needs of others.
  • Bill Roorbach The etymology of “liberal” has to do with freedom, of course. I’m a very proud liberal, always was.
  • Bill Roorbach I know I’m supposed to get more “conservative” as I get older, but I don’t, I don’t.
  • Bill Roorbach I’ll cop to be angry and sarcastic, too! What’s funny is a lot of these folks have done without and done without and blame the wrong forces. I love the insinuation that Obama is responsible for high gas prices. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Bill Roorbach Ooops, that was angry and sarcastic.
  • Ed Martin I read that President Obama is going to meet with the Pope and that he began his work with the community in a Catholic community center. Its not bad enough that he is a Muslim, Communist, Malaysian-Kenyan, trying to have the United Nations take over our country, but now he is a Catholic, too.
  • Janine Winn I’m so impressed with the ## of responses here.
  • Robert Zachary My cat is shedding, and there’s cat hair all over my recliner too. Damn you, Obama!!
  • Bill Roorbach


[Well, it keeps going–300 comments or so–go have a look on my FB page.]

Bill Roorbach is a self-employed person who’s been paying very high premiums for very bad (now illegally bad) insurance for many years, supporting the lower premiums and better policies of employed people, who’d better not begrudge him the small relief the ACA offers!)

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  2. Janine writes:

    Ya know, the only thing I’ve found to not like about being ‘old’ is that I don’t get to sign up for the ACA. I hate not being invited to a party.