Gliding Down the Hill: Escaping to Boulder

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So I’ve written in here a lot about climbing hills on a bike. “Boy you overthink that stuff,” another writer friend who bikes said, and he has a point. I suppose there is something zealous, even military in posts like my last Bad Advice, Get on Your Bike.


So today, as a corrective, we are posting this video about gliding down the hill, not getting up it. It is full of grace and humor. And since we are all, more and more, faced with dealing with natural disasters, these kids provide good role models.


And finally it doesn’t hurt that the ride they are taking is one I have made, in both directions, a thousand or two times before. I recognize every inch.  Gentlemen, start your unicycles.

  1. Tommy writes:

    Dig it! Wow, what a mess!! And the road bed is undercut in so many places where it’s still standing – what a mess!