1. Luba writes:

    I tried to comment yesterday saying how much I love this but the machine I was using backfired and for some reason and wouldn’t release my comment. Trying again, Luba

    • Dave writes:

      We have added you to our main Bill and Dave data base. We are happy to report we can now track your every move.

  2. Luba writes:

    This is so well done. I love it. In fact, I believe that this same screen that we live watching may also be watching us…

  3. Richard Gilbert writes:

    Too true; too sad—if you hadn’t made it funny. Very fine indictment, a book’s worth of insight right here.

  4. Rahul Dave writes:

    Hilarious! And I was just about to suggest you should publish Talking to Ghosts as a ebook 🙂

  5. Mike Steinberg writes:

    The Graphic Essay at its very best.. Reminded me that the NY Times Sunday Review’s opinion column was a piece about the difference between conversation and connection. Sherry Turkle, I think, was the author. She was preaching mostly to the choir, and she’s not as whimsical /satirical as you are. Still, her piece adds something useful to the debate.

  6. daisy writes:

    I gave up technology for 24 hours a few weeks ago (including TV, cell phone, iPod, computer, even my beloved breathalyzer)…


  7. shawnak writes:

    Making this required reading for my online personal essay class. Ha!

  8. George de Gramont writes:

    Enjoyed this witty essay a lot. And know you will not give up hope. I enjoy my computer & netflix but that is about it for me . And were it not for machines we might not have Bill & Dave. Also I take a lot of walks.

  9. Tommy writes:

    Why go outside when you can watch great nature videos of far more interesting and exotic flora fauna and geology, geography for that matter, than what’s outside your own window that you’ve driven by, past or through a thousand times without noticing.

    We can even watch videos of recently extincted animals like: the eastern cougar, Bali tiger, western black rhinoceros, and carribean monk seal (wikipedia) – so we don’t even have to miss not seeing them again, isn’t that comforting!