Giants on the Road: Second Leg of the Mighty Tour. A Photo Epic, Volume II

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Giants at Boston Logan, rah! (And they had an author autograph book–everyone goes through Logan, it seems)


Indianapolis from the canal walk, love it.


Kurt Vonnegut’s typer at the Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indy


Elizabeth Houghton Barden, owner of Big Hat Books, an Indy Indie, and a truly great store.


Upstairs at the beautiful Big Hat Books. That’s Elizabeth gesturing at left, my (surprise!) second cousin Kay Burkhart seated right. She’s my grandfather’s older brother’s granddaughter.  [photo Dan Bates]

Anything to sell a book: Lafayette, Indiana


Q and A at Purdue, West Lafayette. What a great visit–conferences and lunches with grad students, dinners with faculty, and a packed reading, wow. Plus they gave me chocolate, which I ate while I talked.


Talk about Giants! Just a display bottle, honest.


My brother Doug’s sister-in-law Rebecca turned up at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Cinci, rah!


With Mark Perzel of NPR affiliate WVXU Cincinnati. He read the book closely, interviewed me on air (hear it here), and came to Joseph Beth Booksellers to introduce me. What a voice!


Algonquin rented me a nice car, thanks!


My adviser, Bottisattva Jizu, at the Cinci Art Museum.  He suggested more sleep.


At Books and Company Dayton.  In a mall. A mall that looks like a town.  And people have, like, apartments there.  Ms. Roth, behind, set me up beautifully.


This truly lovely couple, she the sister of a FB friend, he starting a writers conference in Bar Harbor, took me out for a drink in a restaurant that seemed almost real in the mall that looked like a town. Thank goodness for FB!  Loneliness averted!


Aimed straight at Florida.


Still consternated, but that’s a real pool, and really the sweet home of my guitarist pal Jonny Z. and his family.



Z. Himself.


Zoe Z and boyfriend. I did not catch them making out…


Palm Beach.  Will the suffering never end?


Coral Gables, night.


Books and Books Coral Gables. An original and elegant store!  That white stuff next to my head and in the bookseller’s arms is Giants, freakishly overexposed.


To Atlanta, consternated once again.


My Atlanta Chauffeur, Poppy Roorbach.


A little dominoes with the nephews, nieces off camera, sister Janet and her partner Brenda, Pops, etc., at my brother Doug’s house (he in the background) like home.


Great gig.


With Bill and Dave’s financial angel and chief commentator, Tommy Conlon.  Just keep signing those checks, Tommy!


New York City, wow.


Hello, Boston


One of the oldest and best!  Are they calling my book an unforgettable yarn?  I like it.



Home in time for my gig playing bassoon at the Nutcracker.











  1. Vasilios writes:

    Bill, that’s so odd; it seems the photo of you taken at Andover Bookstore is so much better than the rest! Can you book that guy for all your appearances?

    • Bill writes:

      That photo was taken by a stranger with a beard so close to Christmas that in fact I knew who he was and wept as he walked away.

  2. Tommy writes:

    Bill, it’s obvious from this photo spread that you’re a VERY rich man! But the bassoon? I wish you had told me, I would have broken out my oboe while you were here! And regards ZoeZ and boyfriend: guilty as charged! It’s so obvious, it’s hilarious -good call!! Write another book so you can come see us again.