Giants on the Road, First Leg of the Mighty Tour, a Photo Epic

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Describing a football, or maybe a dance lift. [photo Stan Groner]

With Sarah Gerkensmeyer, Aimee Nezhukimatathil, and Dustin Parsons at SUNY Fredonia


11/2/12 My college girlfriend, Susan, consummate musician, who teaches now at SUNY Fredonia.  Bittersweet memories to share!


Talking leaves bookstore, Buffalo, New York. A quick hello on the way back from SUNY Fredonia.


11/5/12 Then on to Wilmington, NC, and Dave (and Hadley, and her pal Mason): great walks!


11/6/12: Reading at UNC Wilmington, one of the first from Life Among Giants


11/7/12 Hadley, Nina, and Dave, with Obama Victory Cake


A mini-review in Real Simple. Lots more to come. Real complicated!


11/8/12: Barely made it to Bar Harbor Library on the winds of Sandy. Beautiful place, hardy crowd in driving rain.


11/9/12: In the window of Sherman’s Books, Bar Harbor.


11/9/12 (a.m.): Bar Harbor Booksellers!


11/9/12 (p.m.): Book Launch at the Emery Center, UMF, Farmington, Maine. Home town crowd, whoa! [PHOTO KATE NEPTUNE BAUM]

Thought Bridge Sign! You Know You’ve Made It When…


11/12/12: Freeport Sherman’s. And got a nice wool sweater vest at Bean’s…


11/13/12: Publication Day! Portsmouth, NH.


11/13/12: With Tom at Riverrun Books. A nice, intimate event. Okay, only three people, but they all bought books!


11/13/12: Okay, the desk people at the Residence Inn Portsmouth were incredibly sweet beyond belief.


11/14/12: And so was my favorite waitress in the universe, Krissy at the Sole in Worcester.


11/14/12: Standing Room Only at Assumption College, thanks to my host, Mike Land. I’m pointing to Jim Lang, an American treasure. Soon to head out for drinks.


11/15/12: Fairfield University Bookstore, with my host Sonya Huber, who rocks (and was a grad student of mine back in the day!


11/15/12: Hitting my Stride, Fairfield U.  (That dark blue is slimming, no?  But better take phone, wallet, and keys out of pants pocket…) [photo Sonya Huber]

11/16/12: Unexpected day off: Bank Square Books in Mystic still recovering from Sandy. But this is Walden Pond a couple of days earlier.


11/17/12: Westport Public Library, what a resource! Marta (left) and, um, another librarian! And Westport the setting for Life Among Giants. Small but lovely audience on a perfect fall day: who wanted to come indoors?


11/18/12: KGB Bar, East Village. What a dark and lovely place, full of friends and fans.


11/18/12: Elysia (who flew to NYC with Juliet), and her friend Pearl from SF, KGB booksellers. Someone call an exorcist!


Book of the month for November on Amazon, then one of Amazon’s 100 Best Books of the Year. Whoa!


11/20/12: Home again, home again. Thanksgiving and four blessed days off before the next leg! Indianapolis, Cinci, Dayton, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Portland, here I come!









  1. Kristen writes:

    Dark blue is slimming! And a good color on you 🙂 Enjoyed the photos!

  2. Debora writes:

    Well I bought some copies of Giants today (left one for the shelf) and the book seller from Off the Beaten Path said that customers have been talking about it. I also got a bunch of Michael Nye’s, Strategies Against Extinction. You two are my Christmas gifts this year!

    • Bill writes:

      Bill and Dave’s will wrap them for free!

    • Tommy writes:

      I can see the strategic team at the Publisher’s, everyone abuzz over the news at the morning meeting, “‘Giants” sold out in Steamboat!”

      • Debora writes:

        Hahaha! Well, Tommy you are right. But I’m not done yet. I plan to go back and buy MORE copies of “Life Among Giants!” perhaps ORDER even more! This will turn the Steamboat Springs/Bill Roorbach anomaly into an outright phenomenon! (I’m not called SkiGirl for nothing, you know!)

        • Tommy writes:

          If you’re not careful, the boys and girls at corporate will notice – and send Bill out there for a reading!

          • Debora writes:

            Well if that could happen, you all Friends and Family of Bill will have to come along. Lots to do here. of course this would require some planning. Have to capture a spot in the Steamboat calendar for when people are actually here–haha that’s the one snag.

  3. Kate writes:

    No photo credit for the pic snapped at the Emery reading. Hmph.

  4. Tommy writes:

    My favorite: Rockstar pose at Fairfield U. – you’ve still got it!! Second favorite: Krissy’s dish! What exorcist, get those girls an agent!!!

  5. Debora writes:

    What a fun time!