Getting Outside Saturday: Winter Color

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On my winter way there’s white, there’s black, and there’s every shade of gray between.  But here and there a splash of color, or a subtle nod.

A bit of blue.

High-bush cranberries, beloved of Robins and Bohemian Waxwings












Yellowed orchard grass.


Death of a vole, with fir cone.



Fox tracks. Watch it voles!


Red osier willow (redder and redder as spring approaches)

Moose browse and Sapsucker taps.


Back to nature, blue.









A partridge landed and walked.


Sub-flock of Bohemian Waxwings.

Beech leaves yellow, balsam green.


Golden-retriever-gold red-oak leaves.

Your moss is showing.

Ski dog.

Sumac flowers.

Ever wonder where those blue tarps end up?

  1. Tommy writes:

    Your power of observation in a parched landscape is very keen, grasshopper! Enjoyed it. I forgot how black and white winter is in the North. The daffodils are almost done down here.

  2. Paula writes:

    Love seeing winter as it should be.

  3. Dave writes:

    Nice to see shots of winter, which has been only theoretical down here.