Getting Outside Saturday: Things in NYC that Reminded Me of Dave

categories: Cocktail Hour / Getting Outside


Up at dawn!  (Sunrise over Central Park, 5:25 a.m.  I?  Well, I went back to sleep.)

Attention to the great masters of literary art! (Poet’s Walk, Central Park)


Teddy Roosevelt’s boldness!  (And pigeon-discouraging wires on his head.)


Total tolerance! (Except for lactose, damn it.)


Great showman! (Central Park Zoo)


Big Heart! (model sperm whale heart, actual size, Museum of Natural History)

  1. monica wood writes:

    Awwww. Bill misses his boyfriend.

  2. dave writes:

    Most people don’t notice my pigeon-discouraging wires.

    That’s why I love you–you know me so well.

  3. Nina writes:

    Great romantic gesture! Citywide.