Getting Outside Saturday: Taylor Swift in Nashville (An Ode upon Elysia’s 13th Birthday)

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12 tractor trailers.

Pit tickets! That is Elysia’s hand on the left wing of the stage!

Elysia meets Eliana again: one of Taylor’s dancers!

Happy Girl! (Ed Sheeran background)

This close!

Yes, you’re really here!

Someday I’ll be living in a big old city

And this close: Kate!

Inside the stage…

Goodbye, Oz…

And this close! Fist bumps!

Big stage, piano with a Leslie speaker, whoa.

Elysia’s dancer pal–she said “Hi guys,” as she flew past…

Singing beside us!  And we’re beside ourselves!

Elysia reaches, gets a big hug!



Confetti with hearts…

11:00 p.m. We forgot to eat!  We forgot to pee!  We left Mom out on Broadway in the Honky Tonks!





  1. Lola White writes:

    T.S. stood beside our table to make a little speech at my husband’s publisher’s Christmas brunch several years ago, and she was bright, funny and extremely well-spoken. Her music doesn’t blow me away, but her taste does–she’s the one who brought The Civil Wars to the world’s attention. And I very much admire her stated intention to be a good role model, and to actually care for her fans. Miles beyond Miley and Britney and the rest.

    • Bill writes:

      Several years ago she might have been all of 19 or 20! She’s just 23 now… And I think the music’s getting more and more sophisticated, the poetry better and better. Of course having her greatest fan and future dancer in my house might color my opinion somewhat! Let’s see where Taylor Swift goes. She’s already one of the wealthiest people in the world, hope that doesn’t spoil her! People that funny don’t usually get spoiled though…