Getting Outside Saturday: Some Recent Journal Pages…A Mystery Solved

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And….from an earlier day…























  1. john lane writes:

    I was at Vanderbilt reading this week. In airport yesterday Betsy texted me, “Bird in our bathroom.” When I called I confirmed that it was a Carolina wren, maybe one that (who?) I think has been in the house at least two other times. Usually in the mud room, but this time deep deep, all the to the back corner in our bathroom. “What do I do about it?” Betsy asked. “Take out the screens and open both windows and close the door. Wrens are smart and it will find its way out.” Sure enough by the time I arrived home at mid-night the bird had been gone for hours. I sometime wonder if this bird plans to try and explore the whole house, or already has, like some Christopher Columbus wren.

  2. Bill writes:

    Dave, these are beautiful. I’m sad it’s not me having the whiskey with you–but soon, my friend. Here we’re not nesting yet, unless we’re woodpeckers, but just got a fresh 8 inches of snow in a winter with little. I had a cat piss in my boot, rendering it unwearable, but that’s about it. Cheers!