Getting Outside Saturday: Name That City!

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Cities from the air, Atlanta to Boston.  Can you name any of them?  A couple are obvious, a couple more I couldn’t guess.  Positioned in order from Atlanta at the top.  Guesses and rationales invited, as it drives me crazy when I don’t know!  Window seat for me…













  1. Debora writes:

    Pic. 1. Well no one wants to say, so it’s up to me. It’s so obvious from the mural behind him and the escalator down that Bildo is in Sin City and headed directly for the Gates of Hell. Normally I would shout out some warning, perhaps throw a football at him to try to stop the whole thing from happening. But after my last night’s dream…

    I blame the black cat for my discomfort, I think he might have conjured the event, for although my fang-faced beast normally sleeps wriggled into my calf or arm pit, last night I woke to find that he had found a most awkward burrow, and this was causing me all sorts of nocturnal aches and pains, hence my weird dream.

    A knock at the door of my single-girl condo. It’s Bill! What a surprise, but no books. He’s selling little jars of jams door-to door. “They’re from Maine, home-made!” Well, of course they are, but I’m trying to adjust to the change of venue. I look over all the pretty options. There’s purple, magenta, orange–all the lovely berries. But he works me to buy the brown jar. “Mushroom!” he boasts. “Found them in the woods behind my house!” I express my concern that I’ve never heard of mushroom jam. “Well, it’s more like a spread, you can put it in a cheese soufflé, make a sauce, all sorts of things!” Well, my “awareness of certain currents” (Dave G. line), you know Bill’s cheeks are all pink, his eyes are sparkling. I give a last wistful look at the pretty pots and take the brown concoction. Later, I make a cheese soufflé and add the mushroom spread. I’m just about to take a bite when my white dog knocks over my glass. Red wine spreads across the counter and pools against the spine of my book, Life Among Giants. I look at Io, she wags her white tail, I’m being mushroomed! I realize. Here, I wake and find the black cat, sleeping comfortably while I’ve stiffened into a terrible shape. I lay there sleepless after that and thinking of the lines to a new poem I’ve been working on: “Hark! What voice on this wind to me does come/on December night too temperate?” Clearly all of this cloak and dagger stuff has gone to my head.

    • Debora writes:

      But then again, that visage in pic 1is more than a little suspect…

    • Tommy writes:

      Love that mushroom jam!! And why not, they make paste from olives. Etienne would approve. Brilliant, Debora, and hilarious – I howled!

      • Debora writes:

        Thanks, Tommy! It’s fun to make people laugh! But you know all about that, traveling as you are, outside the perimeter, for Pushcart! Hey put in a good word for me, will ya!

  2. Bill writes:

    My favorite is 8: New York City!

    • vince writes:

      I got more guesses: 4 Providence 5 Boston. 9 – Philadelphia.

      I’m dying to know what 3 is, and also 2. Whereas 10 ain’t so interesting.

  3. vince writes:

    I reckanize number 8. Place I love. You already been through, or you coming? Let me know.

    6 and 7 Stamford CT?

    • Bill writes:

      Stamford is right. I’m in New Canaan Dec 13, Public Library, 7:00 p.m.

      • vince writes:

        That I got Stamford shows what a fucking genius I am. Just saying.

        Plus I grew up on and fished from the North Shore of LI, which is what I recognized first.

  4. Tommy writes:

    What a great collage!!

    As someone who’s travelled a lot, inside and outside the perimeter, mostly by pushcart, I’ve got this one nailed:

    1. American’s busiest airport
    2. 3-mile Island
    3. Baltimore
    4. Devonshire, England
    5. L.A., in the twenties, I’d recognize it anywhere!
    6. Middle Earth
    7. Finland
    8. Syphilis magnified 4,000 times
    9. Reykjavik
    10. Reflection of the author.

    • Debora writes:

      I was thinking 2 was Chernobyl…is Bill on a world tour or US tour, could narrow this thing down.

      • Debora writes:

        Syphilis! Good one! How are you doing with that , by the way?

        Tommy Writes: Very funny.

        Debora Writes: Bushtit!

        Bill Writes: That’s enough, kids!

        Debora Writes: He started it!

        Bill Writes: Don’t make me stop this car, young lady!

        Tommy and Debora Write: (Quietly) Teehehe

        • Tommy writes:

          B: “I don’t want to hear another peep out of either one of you two.”
          D: (barely audible) “peep”
          T: (just as quietly) “bushtit”
          D, T, & P: “snicker, snicker)

          PS – On page 184 of “Giants”, the author writes “tufted titmice” . Doesn’t Bill know any birds that don’t reference female anatomy? 🙂

        • Tommy writes:

          B: “I don’t want to hear another peep out of either one of you two.”
          D: (barely audible) “peep”
          T: (just as quietly) “bushtit”
          D, T, & P: “snicker, snicker)

  5. Janine writes:

    Some of them clearly (or not) were taken in Smogcity.