Getting Outside Saturday: Moss (A Photo Haiku)

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On Barred Island. Off the coast of Maine, but not by much.


Pin cushion moss





Three kinds and a lichen.


Elf condo and spagnum, etc.

  1. bob brennan writes:

    Can you recommend a book of lichens and mosses in New England or just Maine? Thank you. Bob

  2. Tommy writes:

    I thought those Berenstain Bears books were a little far-fetched. But apparently you really can live in a tree! Cool. Love the pin cushion moss. We characterize moss as random, haphazard, formless, but this species is anything but that. Such a beautiful symmetry in an otherwise haphazard genus. Just add water!

  3. Ryder Ziebarth writes:

    Love mosses. And ferns. Something peaceful about them. Thanks for the pix.