Getting Outside Saturday: Last Ski of the Season?

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The snow is going fast

Though there’s plenty on the north-facing slopes

I skied over this wall just a couple of weeks ago!

And I skied on Temple Stream.

Not today.

Baila is delighted.

At least the high side of the trail is still there.

End of the line.

Wind wells remain around the trees, though last month they were pole-deep.

But it’s 55 degrees and climbing.


  1. Ian writes:

    Was there any throwing of skis? Or throwing of horses?

    • Bill writes:

      No, no ski throwing! Snow is too hard and too many rocks. A lot of walking with skis, however, though never far. The worst part was a long, gradual downhill–very fast–with a blind curve and then a bare spot–I kind of hopped over it and recovered! Trust in the hill!

  2. Janine writes:

    Your last ski & my first horseback ride of the season…