Guest contributor: Kristen Keckler

Getting Outside Saturday: India Edition (A photo haiku by someone besides Bill)

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Kristen Keckler is a writer and professor who lives near the Hudson River.  She has a new short story in Linguistic Erosion.

  1. lissette writes:

    super nice pics. I didn’t know you went to India. That’s one part of the world I’d like to see before I die.

  2. Kristen writes:

    Thanks, guys. I am glad I brought a pair of flip-flops as they were easy to take on and off when entering peoples’ homes and also temples/holy places. The first photo shows some flowers (carnations) that are typical offerings to the gods. Which reminds me that in Adipur, someone offered the gods a bunch of bananas. Immediately afterwards, the temple-keeper turned around and gave that bunch of bananas offered to the gods to us–the strange group of Americans bopping around Adipur. (Adipur is close to the border of Pakistan–about 130 miles–and quite off the beaten track. It’s not even listed on the two Indian road atlases we were using.)

  3. Scott writes:

    These are some great shots. I really like the close up of the hand. It feels like I’m standing in India. Very nice!

  4. Cassie writes:

    Gorgeous! Interested to see more photos and documentation.

  5. Alan writes:

    Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for posting them, Kristen. Looking forward to seeing / reading more.

  6. Tommy writes:

    The color of India is amazing. And everyone wears sandals!