Getting Outside Saturday: High Summer Wildflowers (a photo haiku)

categories: Cocktail Hour / Getting Outside


Joe Pye weed in the wind

Touch me nots, or jewel weed, also in the wind

A wild clematis, wild vines…

White Joe Pye, or Bartered Bride or Boneset


Wild sunflower (anyone know the species?) (hint–it’s not Jerusalem Artichoke)

  1. monica wood writes:

    My Joes are nine feet tall, right in front of the porch. The neighbors love it. So wanton! With the hydrangea it’s a poem in bloom for sure.

  2. M. Graham writes:

    Thank you for your photos haikus, Bill. They are so sustaining. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Bill Lundgren writes:

    WOW what a spread. do the bees love your Joe Pye Weed like like a bunch of swarming, but peaceable, opium addicts?