Guest contributor: Debora Black

Getting Outside Saturday: Debora Bikes Steamboat Springs (a photo haiku)

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It’s such a pretty day , and I just finished biking.  Using my mountain bike on the roads–lots of climbing–good conditioning for the upcoming.  Was lots of crisp air and sweat and breathing until my mind let go and there was a huge outpouring of ideas and decisions and simple joy.  Everything feels right on the inside, and I know I can bring the outside around. 
The trails are still drying out, and Gretchen (she’s in charge of “Bike Town USA” might be a self-appointed position) is up in the mountains chasing all of us early birds off the trails.  She is a regular Hitler up there, and I don’t know how she does it, but you’ll be riding along and suddenly there’s Gretchen, knobby, scarred-up knees and long stringy hair, leaping out from behind a big bush of scrub oak or a giant boulder, everywhere at once!  And what a rant!
I like her though.  She and her husband cut a lot of the trails and she tends them through the spring, so I guess she has certain rights to boss everyone around.  Still, I’m going up tomorrow, I’ll stick to the lower stuff where it is dry, I’ll go early before Gretchen gets out of bed! HAH!

  1. Tommy writes:

    But Gretchen doesn’t sleep! I’m not sure of the protocol, are you implying some trails, privately maintained, are clossed in the Spring, and patroled by someone who lives behind rocks?? And that middle picture of a boulder field – is a trail?? Hard to imagine you can achieve such peace and serenity while panting uphill! I can almost remember. There’s a rhythm one gets into through a steady cadence… Nice chain! 🙂

    • Debora writes:

      Ha ha. Hi Tommy! Yes, the rhythm and steady cadence euphoria happens on this trail–and mostly climbing. But there are several tricky sections. The middle picture is a portion of one of these tricky areas. I call it The Jaws of Rock. The Jaws have laid me out more than once–not pleasant. However that thrill of victory thing…when I make it through, I feel silly powerful. And the downhill, an entirely different set of skills with no time for la la! So fun…

  2. Dennis W. writes:

    Funny! So true. You can’t get past Gretchen! She really is great, isn’t she?

    • Debora writes:

      Yes, she is! Very caring about the environment and bikers at all levels–puts in lots and lots of hours…

  3. Tina writes:

    Steamboat is such a great spot for mountain biking! Nice to see you so eager, Deb. And, thanks the Gretchen for keeping the trails so nice.

    • Debora writes:

      Will do!

      By the way, Tina couldn’t ride today, because she and her sister were running a half marathon in Denver! Congrats on the big finish!

  4. Toni Nesbitt writes:

    It is so great when people step up & help to do the right things to keep the trails in good condition. Can’t wait to enjoy those trails with you Debora!!!