Getting Outside Saturday: Death of a Bridge

categories: Cocktail Hour


These are the woods where Missy and I walk most every day.

And this is the bridge that tried to kill me last winter, now dead itself.




  1. Debora writes:

    Good point, Bill. In any case, you have to rebuild the bridge and try again. I know you can do it. You look through to the other side, and unclip for confidence, steady pace! You can rock this thing, Dave!

  2. Bill writes:

    You know, if you were going fast enough
    (And this might not be too bright)
    You could probably make it across that bridge
    If you stayed hard to the right.

    • Tommy writes:

      I think that’s where he ended up, hard to the right.

      I’m in the “walk around” school. Let younger men prove their mettle here.