Getting Outside Saturday: CSI Brewster

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I came upon a crime scene this morning during my walk up to the wintry summer camp. Two regular features of those walks have been coyote prints on the ice and the great blue heron sproaking off when I peek out at the overlook to Upper Mill Pond. Today the two things came together in bloody fashion. A headless heron just off the path with clear evidence of the culprit: bloody footprints leading away and a circle of urine to mark the area of the kill.

To confirm the victim’s identity I went over the overlook, and actually walked out onto the ice to a spot where someone had been ice fishing. No sign of the neighborhood heron.

Warning: the pictures below are a tad gruesome….

The headless heron.



Two types of marking.








The Heronless Pond. (Palette Cleanser)


The next day I went back and the heron was gone, head and all. There had been another nightmare visitor to the site however:











  1. Peter Peteet writes:

    Shouldn’t #3 be “Head Heronless”?or better “Beak and blood,blurred”?Just trifling with titles while the storm blows hard outside- creaking the trees and blowing up transformers in the distance.Soon the relentless electron river will cease it’s massive flow and I’ll leave this machine .It will be time for books,flashlights and flames-thanks to a storm aptly named “Pax”with white flags down everywhere.

  2. Nina writes:

    B&D’s needs a tweet button