Getting Outside Saturday: Coyote!

categories: Cocktail Hour


This is the coyote that washed up, likely drowned, below the bluff near our house in East Dennis in 2000. I pulled it up behind a rock, where it was mostly hidden, and over the next months watched it revert to bones. Its skull now sits atop my bookcase at my school office in N.C.

  1. Mary Collins writes:

    Gorgeous animal. Maybe poisoned? I live on the marsh on the north shore of the Cape and love having them around us (or vice versa). Wish everyone felt the same. Fantastic book about the plight of coyotes on the Cape and elsewhere by local teacher and coyote guru/defender Dr. Jon Way: Suburban Howls.

  2. B mango writes:

    Interesting position the coyote has found. I find myself lying just like that on a sunny day in spring when there’s nothing else to chase

  3. Carson writes:

    Nothing like the smell of a rotting carcass in the summertime! Weren’t the dogs interested?

    • dave writes:

      It was so rocky out there that there were not a lot of dogs. We didn’t own one, though we dogsat for a standard poodle.

  4. Bill writes:

    You told me that was the skull of a student!