Getting Outside Saturday (and Sunday): Bill and Dave go Camping

categories: Cocktail Hour / Getting Outside


Hewlitt River Marsh (behind Dave’s house)













Ever wonder where those balloons end up?



Pelicans at dawn








Rory, Dave’s colleague and neighbor, who found us a.m. after finding one of our paddles drifting, phew…



Back home–Dave’s back yard, writing shack right.




  1. john lane writes:

    I’m so jealous I don’t believe I’ll make it to work today.

  2. Marianne Noyes writes:

    I love your photos, I love the beaches and wildlife on both coasts.

    • Bill writes:

      Good nature here on the Carolina coast–birds galore. Also dolphins and foxes and butterflies… plus it was 75 degrees…

  3. Debora writes:

    Thousands of bill and dave fans…it would have been like Woodstock!

  4. Debora writes:

    Why weren’t the rest of us invited?