Getting Outside Saturday: A Solstice Swim

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So. As a grumpy middle-aged person I am not a big celebrator. But last week I headed over to Wrightsville Beach with a beer in one hand, a cigar in the other and binoculars (might see gannets) around my neck. The plan was to toast the pagan gods and then take a solstice swim. Why? I had just found out I got a research reassignment–no school– for spring 2014, the closest we get at my school to a sabbatical. And what are my plans for my time off? Well, I might do a little writing…..

It turned out I did see some gannets, between two and three hundred by my best estimate.  Still one of my favorite sights in nature.  I was beneath some burly clouds but they were lit up by a great slant of sun that turned them radiant white.  And they did what they always do: diving like arrows into the surf, one after another, feasting on fish.

And yes the water was cold, though not nearly as cold as the air or as cold as it used to be on Cape Cod.  After the swim I had chips and a beer at Tower 7, then a hot bath and nap. A perfect way to start my celebration of both solstice and my coming freedom….

Photo of Wavy Gravy Davey (in fashionable sweats) by a kind stranger.

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