1. Amy writes:

    Ah…fall! No leaves changing colors here, yet, but I am waiting for the pecans to be ripe so I can go gathering. And now, I also need to drag out the camera and start taking pics. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. A) I was just writing some haiku yesterday during a moonviewing at our local Japanese garden! Good timing.

    B) I’m supposed to let you know that I named you in this “reader appreciation” post I did. Small accolades for so awesome a guy, but there you go: I love what you do, man.


  3. Tommy writes:

    I thought that was a deer – maybe I should be watching more nature videos…

  4. Beth Westmark writes:

    It’s raining too hard here for my usual morning woods walk. Thank for the vicarious shot of nature. I can go on now!

    • Bill writes:

      I’ve gotten so I just go for the walk no matter what the weather. It’s really a different world in a pounding rain. And once you’re soaked, why not walk right through the swollen brook you couldn’t cross otherwise?

  5. Kristen writes:

    Bill, you made me want to get away from the computer and get outside today! Especially love the doggie photo.