Getting Outside Saturday: A Pacific Northwest Renga

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Snoqualmie Valley from Rattlesnake Ridge

Last week I was in Tacoma for PNBA, which is the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association meeting, a great gathering of independent bookstore people from a great region for independent bookstores.  I gave a talk at a luncheon in company of four other writers, all wonderful, and heard breakfast talks by four more, plus drinks galore the night previous.  My sister Carol lives up in Snohomish, so I drove up there for a night (and managed not to take any photos, sadly!), then back down to Seattle to visit my college roommate, Bob Meyer.  We met 41 years ago.  “You don’t get many 41-year increments,” Bobby said.  Amazing that we lived past 19, when you hear the stories we have to tell!

With David Abrams, Fobbit.


Ivan Doig, Whoa.


My (somewhat!) younger sister Carol, artist and teacher, and her husband, B&D contributor Mac


The tall forest.


Me and Bobby on Rattlesnake Ridge at the Pacific Northwest College Roommates Reunion conference


Rattlesnake Lake, note stumps the size of cars.


Bob and Michiyo at home


Pike’s Place Market. I’m hot.


Seattle’s wall of gum. Smells nice.  And hey, free gum.



Life Among Giants


Mount Olympus, right, as I head to Sea-Tac for my all-night flight. I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.







  1. Bob Meyer writes:

    Hey Bill,
    It was great to reconnect in Seattle and laugh about our “formative” years. See you in January. Let’s take another trip into the Cascades.

  2. Tommy writes:

    What I love about Bill and Dave’s – they’re all over the map!! The self-portrait of you and Bobby on Rattlesnake Ridge was awful – (full of awe!) You’re singing Judy Collins, I’m singing The Who, “I can see for miles and miles…..” One word comes to mind looking at that gum wall picture – author’s photo!!!

  3. Jan writes:

    41 I bet you didn’t preplan the meet up back then. Oh what a long strange Trip its been! BRAVO, KEEP GOING!


  4. Bill, I love everything you do. Can’t wait to get you back out this way for your Portland stint. 🙂

    • Bill writes:

      Thanks, Sam! Powell’s Books on January 10, hooray. And back in Seattle, too. And down to SF. More soon!