Getting Outside Saturday: A (Little) Nature Essay in Film

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So here’s a little Youtube film I made last week to go with the essay I wrote about the wrens in the shack and not putting up screens.   Six people have seen it so far.  You can be the seventh!

It’s called………An Uncertain Place










  1. Susan Pearsall writes:

    Beautiful, tranquil, AND a great place to read, watch birds, and drink beer? That’s one amazing “shack.”

  2. George de Gramont writes:

    Priceless! Have you told the wrens about another natural phenomenon—The 100th birthday of Fenway Park!

    • Dave writes:

      Glad to have you back, George! When we lived in Boston one summer a pair of red tail hawks nested over the press box in early spring. Sadly, they were evicted by the Fenway grounds crew!

      • Dave writes:

        P.S. Hadley and I are driving 5 miles north today to the Alligator River Preserve today to the only place in the U.S. where red wolves roam free…..tonight we go on a howling walk!