1. Tommy writes:

    Remember in the late eighties, early nineties when carpal tunnel was all the rage, when veryone, all of a sudden, had keyboards?? What do you think’s going to happen to all those thumbs three years from now!?! (My bet’s on some new debilitating tendinitis)

    But the grammar, Ian?? Where do you think I’d be without spell-checker??! It’s spell-checker that leaves the grammar naked, exposed! 🙂

  2. john lane writes:

    Dave, I spent last two days at The Tower working on the new privy house. I hammered nails for 6 hours yesterday– first shakes on the roof, and then nailing down the great pine flooring. (This is one over-the-top privy with a stained glass window!) You’ll remember you have to hike up the hill and turn just right to get cell phone service! Great to come back and see your Notes on Modernity waiting!

  3. Aileen Murphy writes:

    Love this, Dave–and I am envious that Ben Franklin is on your campus!

  4. Ian writes:

    … and the grammar. OMG the grammar!

  5. George de Gramont writes:

    Don’t forget to read “The Brave Cowboy” and to see the Kirk Douglas movie “Lonely are the brave” his favorite.

  6. Rahul Dave writes:

    I’m reading this one with them aforementioned thumbs!