Final Four Follow Up: Gessner vs. Plimpton, The Lost Footage

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Not long ago we staged a final four tournament of the best literary magazines in the country.  The Paris Review and the upstart Ecotone both made the final four, but what we had forgotten was that some years ago there had already been a historic hoops battle between the two renowned magazines.   Now, after many hours of work on the part of the Bill and Dave research assistants, we have uncovered and retouched this lost footage of Paris Review Founding Editor George Plimpton playing Ecotone Founding Editor David Gessner in one-on-one.

Here it is:



CAST (in order of apperance):

Clyde Edgerton as George Plimpton

David Gessner as David Gessner

George Plimpton as George Plimpton

Filmed by Carson Vaughn

Edited by Palmer Grimes






  1. Tommy writes:

    Can you explain George Plimpton to me? Andy Borinstein? American cement?

  2. George de Gramont writes:

    Great Fun! My Advice, stick to your day jobs.