Don’t Let it Bring You Down

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Digging through the old ‘toon files, I found this, circa 1978, which puts me in high school at about 17.  Back when I worshiped all things Neil……(Come to think about it still do.)












  1. Bill writes:

    Have you seen his great “Fork in the Road” video? Made with, like, a cell phone. Note the repo guys at the end. And too bad to have to watch the t-mobile commercial first.

  2. Peter Peteet writes:

    “It’s only castles burning”;good words to remember.As for Johnny with his finger up here’s a song I wrote with that image in mind,sung by a friend kind enough to edit and sing the better parts of my inchoate rage.

  3. Cider Rides writes:

    Has Neil seen this? Maybe he should.

  4. Randy Ricks writes:

    Great drawing, Gessner. And at 17. Now I see why you were so cocky when I first met you; you ARE a multi-talented son of a gun! Cheers. I just heard on the radio today that Neil has a new album out with Crazy Horse and it’s supposed to be a real good one. Mmmmmm…..I’ve seen Neil more than any other artist; 10 times, counting the first Farm Aid, since I last counted… I’ve seen him in many of his flavors, including Neil and The International Harvesters and Neil and The Shocking Pinks. Love him! I have his book if you want to read it when you’re here this summer….

    • Dave writes:

      Glad to know we are like-minded. And I’ve already read Shakey, if that’s the book you mean, but thanks!

  5. john lane writes:

    I guess you’ve seen the famous picture of Johnny Cash shooting the bird. I’ve got that hanging over my old writing desk.

    • Dave writes:

      Not sure if I have. Send it along and I’ll post it. Maybe we can start Middle Finger Monday. (At first, being a nature guy, I thought you meant he really killed a bird.)