Crash and Burn: Bill and Dave come Back From the Brink

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Yes, it's a re-run...but these are desperate times....

You, and hundreds of thousands of other eager Bill and Dave’s s readers, may have been wondering over the last couple days “What the hell has happened?”  Why is my favorite blog, the reading of which is as integral to my daily routine as defecating or brushing my teeth (or having a 5 p.m. cocktail), suddenly gone?  Why am I starting to feel nervous, shake, and crave coffee……WHERE THE HELL IS BILL AND DAVE’S?

Well, dear reader, we crashed. 

I will in no way blame this on poor Derrick Jenson and his eco minions, and will insist that the fact that we lost our site, and most of the posts from June (including my Bad Advice Wednesday where I lovingly scanned in my sloppy journal pages) just as the hits had started to roll in for my Jensen piece, Mr. Hopeless (I would link to it but, alas, there is nothing but ether to link too.)  So feel for us readers.  We have tried to bring you, free of charge (though not of ego) the humble gift of our prose, but this week we two old hippies learned a lesson about the modern world.  Always back things up.

Over the next couple of days I’ll try to gather things together and get stuff back up, including Mr. Hopeless.

  1. james campbell writes:

    Thank God for your students. They got you up and going again, didn’t they?

  2. Susan Pearsall writes:

    Glad you’re back! I was distressed to check in and find…… a big, empty space. Not at all like the merry ramblings I enjoy so much. Good luck with all the backing up. Personally, I’m a crash waiting to happen.