Cover Me (Part III)

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Today’s sad and unexpected news combines elements of our last two posts.  The news is of the death of Dugald Stermer, who was many things during his varied career, including the editor of the radical 60s magazine, Ramparts.   He was also a stunning artist.  One of my favorite of his drawings was the cover he did for my book,  Return of the Osprey.  He also drew a bird in flight for the back, and as an added touch he painted an osprey egg for the back flap.  These drawings alone give you a sense of craftsmanship, dedication, and grace he brought to all his work.   We need more human beings like Dugald Stermer on this planet.  He will be sorely missed.


Here’s a link to today’s obituary in The New York Times.












  1. Carol L. Otis writes:

    Sorry to her the sad news, but glad to be able to appreciate his work alongside yours. The illustrations are so vivid and alive and capture the essence of the osprey in action.
    I have several copies of the book and will appreciate the cover even more now.

  2. Bill writes:

    Those drawings are very beautiful and make a beautiful cover for a great book. I’ve always thought so. A great, great match of art and subject. Stermer was a powerhouse. What a loss. Glad he touched your life, David. Would love to hear how the two of you connected for this cover.

  3. john lane writes:

    Great. I love this cover! I’ve been very fortunate at UGA Press to have good cover art and this made me think about it, even look back at them all. You know there are some very ugly books in the world. We are very fortunate. Not everybody gets great covers!