Come See Bill and Dave at the Bill and Dave Table!

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Bill and Dave, both their cartoon look-alikes and their real live selves, will be at AWP. Come find us among the thousands of other writers.  We are the good-looking, funny ones, and the only writers at the conference with facial hair.

For help finding us here is a recent picture:

Or, if you prefer the cartoon version:








  1. Vasilios writes:

    Bill better be in that costume at his next reading, I’m telling you right now…

  2. Kristen writes:

    But I thought Bill is going to speak at the Tucson Festival of Books this weekend.

    • Bill writes:

      I am going to be at the Tucson Festival of the Book this weekend, yes! Have to leave AWP early and miss my panel, which is the Flannery O’Connor Award Celebration on Saturday morning–much recommended! So Thursday is my day at AWP–I’ll be at table N-19 all day at the bookfair, along with Dave and many of our favorite writers. Come visit! And then see you in Tucson!

  3. Rahul Dave writes:

    Any desires to drink and reunionate after? 🙂