Cartoons and Notes From a Big Night

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  1. john lane writes:

    I’m glad you and Bill had a great night. I like the notes. I stayed up to 2 am to hear the victory speech. I think it was a record since college and Betsy was very impressed!

  2. Tommy writes:

    PS Amazon’s got the book on sale for 41% off cover price at the link Dave posted in the bubble above his head in the upper margin.

    I just snapped one up for $14.97 plus postage!! Get ’em while they last!!!

  3. Tommy writes:

    Sweet intro. Congrats Bill!!

  4. Kristen writes:

    You basically captured my night and my visions in cartoon. (Election night–I sadly was not at the reading). I tuned into FOX out of curiosity, and when it was relatively “safe” for me to do so–yes, I am ok with piercings and tattoos and mild bodily discomfort in the name of decoration or coolness or whatever, but usually I cannot take self-inflicted “mental” pain (ie Fox). The toad. grrrrippit!

  5. marci writes:

    Im mad happy for Bill with the book-of-the-month recognition,
    but Amazon not exactly a force for good in this society.
    Cant wait to get my hands on the book, but it wont be from

    • Bill writes:

      Happily, Giants is also an Indie Next pick for December. I’ll be doing lots of readings at independent bookstores all over the country, starting, um, tomorrow if I can get out of North Carolina!

  6. Kate writes:

    What a great day.

    • Dave writes:

      Lots of high fives with Hadley! My favorite with her was when Massachusetts was announced and we were the two in the room born there. My favorite of all…..Ohio, before they Roved it.

  7. monica wood writes:

    I KNEW you and Bill were gay. Kissy kissy.
    Maine rules! Yay for marriage!

    • Dave writes:

      And now we can marry in Maine and fly to Colorado to get stoned on our honeymoon.

    • Bill writes:

      Monica, will you marry us? We can’t wait to say, We do!

      • Tommy writes:

        Wait, is Monica an Officiant – or are you proposing (Proposing!) some kind of exotic menage ‘a catorce [14 in Spanish], crossing state lines? Because if you are, Debora and I are definitely IN!! How much did you say they want for that Hay House??