Eleven Bumper Stickers You Aren’t Likely to See, Election 2012

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Guess My Political Views

Okay, a fair and balanced selection of bumper stickers I’d like to see this election cycle:

  1. Voting Romney?  Are You Rich or Stupid?
  2. Medicare: Don’t Touch My Socialism
  3. Pay Your Fucking Taxes, MobilExxon!
  4. Mormon is Fine, Moron is Not!
  5. Proud to be a Gay Romney Supporter!
  6. We Want Our Country Back, Corporate Overlords!
  7. Working People Vote Republican (and Then They’re Out of Work)!
  8. Hey Scalia: Eat More Saturated Fat!
  9. Vote Romney: Who Needs Birth Control, Anyway?
  10. Romney Will Beat Obama (in the Shower After Gym)!
  11. Mitt is a Shit!

Got any more?  Let us hear them!

  1. Peter Peteet writes:

    Was reminded of this by a question put to Wendell Berry here
    about those “I’m spending my children’s inheritance” stickers;perhaps I should steal his words and have some “take what we’ve got and make it better”stickers made up.

  2. lucinda kempe writes:

    Whoever drives that car has b a l l s or hutspa or is just plain misshuggina!


  3. Shelley Burbank writes:

    My favorite bumper sticker of all time (religion, not politics, but both subjects you aren’t supposed to talk about at the dinner table):

    “Militant Agnostic–I don’t know, and you don’t know either!”

  4. Pat Shipley writes:

    Hey Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito: eat more saturated fat.

  5. Peter Peteet writes:

    The last sticker I actually put on my car said” Nuclear War Now!The Church of the Future”
    but that was 30 years ago,my wife says our Prius IS a bumper sticker and thus doesn’t need any;she’s got a point.There’s one on the dumpster of the local art collective you’ve probably not seen
    Television is to news what bumper stickers are to philosophy. – Richard Nixon
    and I didn’t agree with that man much but do find that quote memorable.

    • My dad used to work for an insurance guy who kept a 1909 Reo in his office and covered it with vintage campaign buttons and bumper stickers. Our family’s favorite was a 1968 button for Richard Nixon — apparently real — that read “Nobody can lick our Dick!”

      I’d sure as hell like to see that one brought back. Just because it’s awesome. And because, in a political climate chock full of dicks, it could apply to anyone. 🙂

  6. Bill writes:

    Just saw one on a big van here: “Obama, Kenya Dig It?”