Bug Haiku: North Carolina Night Insects

categories: Cocktail Hour / Getting Outside


Luna Moth



Designer Moth

  1. Tommy writes:

    Thems some big bugs! I caught a couple of those designer moths and fashioned a pair of shoes out of them. They’re light and airy, but attracted to porch light.

  2. Chris Henderson writes:

    Hey Bill! I didn’t see the Designer Moth! That one is gorgeous, too.
    Moths – +2
    Bugs- (dobsonfly catagory) Minus 1

    • Bill writes:

      Hi Chris–that’s some moth, huh? Jim Roberts took a few photos of it, too, on the deck of the main house.

  3. Bill writes:

    Yes, Mac, I believe James Dobson is a pupae.

  4. malcolm writes:

    Is that what James Dobson will look like someday? Oh, the freaky beauty of nature.

    • malcolm writes:

      That made me laugh! How can you say the word pupae and not laugh. If only I had known that word in fifth grade, I would have been the Louie C.K. of my class and not the Minnie Pearl.