Bill and Dave’s on the Road

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It’s great to be here in Western North Carolina, just north of Asheville, at Doe Branch Ink writers retreat with David and five talented participants, all of them working on books. We meet mornings and share work, talk writing, offer advice, heap praise.  And we laugh a lot.  Today’s the second day, and it’s amazing how fast a group bonds and gets to know one another.  By the end of week like this nothing you assumed about anyone starting out proves to be true at all.  Or if at all, only a little.  Do you hear my southern accent emerging?  Odd, since I don’t have one!  After lunch there’s time to write.  We reconvene for cocktail hour and then dinner, and the conversation has been great.  Among us are former stand-up comedians, weather girls, executives, international nurses, and more.  David and I don’t fight that much, but it’s tag-team teaching, a new game.

On the porch of the main house this morning, talking narrative.


David works the mouth of his workshop dummy!


The Cartoonist Never Rests


Our Host, Jim Roberts









  1. john lane writes:

    So Bill does not let his glasses dangle. Interesting.

  2. Susan Pearsall writes:

    Would very much like to have benefitted from your workshop this year. Sadly, there was a scheduling conflict. Hope to join you next year! All best wishes for an enlightening week at Doe Branch.

    • Bill writes:

      Hi Susan–It was great, and only would have been better with you there! Bill and Dave’s will definitely be offering more workshops.

  3. nina writes:

    Oh, I want that noble Bill R. sketch for my office. Dibs officially called.