Bill and Dave Just Want to Be Liked

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Here at Bill and Dave’s we recently hired a consultant.   We were frustrated that we can’t seem to get more people to like us on Facebook, so we dished over big bucks to listen to a pro.  The following are some of his suggestions for making our website more attractive.  Please add your own (but don’t bill us).



  1. monica wood writes:

    Argh! The reason I don’t like anything on Facebook is because FB tracks your every move, and then everything you “like” shows up all over the place, and I feel really weird and watched. Really. That’s why.

    I really do like you.

  2. Bill writes:

    Dave, Dinty and I didn’t want to tell you over the phone. But now I guess that it’s been cartooned….

  3. dave writes:

    Dinty, Since Bill hasn’t responded I’m thinking that Dave and Dinty’s (Dinty and Dave’s?) Cocktail Hour sounds pretty good.

  4. dinty writes:

    Bill, I’m here for you. or Dave, I have a van and can help move the equipment to gigs. plus, I can sign a little.