Bad Advice Wednesday: One Sentence on Getting Back to Work, September Style

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Like Daughter Like Father

I still get that September back-to-school feeling about now, even though I’m not teaching anymore, that feeling of gearing up, getting ready, pencil boxes and notebooks and ink for the fountain pen (I started grade school in 1958), a dog to walk you to school Norman Rockwell style, maybe even a lamb, as in Mary had a Little, all with a stout resignation—summer might not be over, but the time to work is here, the time to stack projects like cordwood, the time to make those calls, finish that book, wake the slumbering beasts, polish an apple or two, look out for the red-haired girl, be a writer at the desk and not so much a writer at the beach, a writer who’s gonna get it done, and get it done, and get it done, then ask for more.

Bill Roorbach is Bill.  His novel Life Among Giants is a fall book, with nearly every scene taking place during the season of declining day length…

  1. mark ancker writes:

    I loved Life Among Giants! And, Summers with Juliette, Temple Stream, Into Woods and I’m slowly (too slowly) working my way through Writing Life Stories.

    I’d love to meet the right red-haired gal, by the way.