Bad Advice Wednesday: Beg for Money!

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  1. Bill writes:

    Look at it this way. If Dave came to visit you’d gladly take him out to dinner just to hear his stories of the west. His beers alone would cost you fifty bucks at a mid-level restaurant. Throw in a big steak and maybe a martini or two (no damn salad) and that’s a hundred bucks right there, and you’d hardly notice. Make it the Four Seasons and you’re up to $1000. So click the link, donate a buck, and save the other 999 for my Kickstarter campaign, which hasn’t started yet, but the basic proposal is to go out west and find Dave after he disappears somewhere in the wilds of Idaho.

    • Chris Henderson writes:

      Ah….but the real question is…

      WOULD you invite Dave to visit?

      (kidding – luv you both. But are you really worth it?)