Are You a Megalomaniac? A Quiz For Writers

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   1. You think your work will be remembered…

A. fondly

B. by your Mom

C. until next week

D. For All Time


2. What do you call people who are critical of your work?

A. Critics

B. Honey

C. The guys in my Workshop

D. Blind Idiots!


2. You refer to the book you’re working on as….

A. My masterpiece

B. This old thing

C. Zach

D. Tedious


3. When admiring your own sentences, they remind you of

A. Joyce and Proust

B. Itchy and Scratchy

C.  The chores you have to do

D. The scribblings of a lunatic


4. Your pet name for yourself is

A. Inky

B. Bill Roorbach

C. Mr. Scribble

D. The Fount

E. The Immortal Genius


If you answered D,D, A,A, E  you may just be the greatest writer of all time.  Believe it!

  1. Kristen writes:

    Never heard of the word, megalomaniac, until I read Gessner. I’ve been laughing while reading ever since.

  2. vince p writes:

    I call myself Bill and my mss “Roorbach”. Pronounced with as German an inflection as possible on any given day. I have a leather crop too.

  3. Sandra Branum writes:

    I suppose I should confess; I am a megalomaniac, but it’s only because I want immoratality and can’t afford cyogenics. Thank you World Wide Web for making my dreams come true!

  4. Bill writes:

    Thanks for letting me off the hook in number 4!