April Fools

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Tarball Wars

Today is the anniversary of the day the BP Deepwater Horizon blew.  If you are in the business of collecting small ironic tidbits then it’s a pretty interesting date.  Take for instance the fact that the day the rig toppled into the sea, two days after the explosions, was April 22nd, or as it’s also known, Earth Day.  Or try this one on for size: President Obama announced that he was opening up more United States waters to off-shore drilling, a decision that would benefit BP first and foremost, twenty days before Deepwater blew.  The president let the press know this on March 31st but he really missed a golden opportunity  Had he only waited a few more hours, he could have made his announcement on April Fools.

For the anniversary I have recorded a couple of radio features for Wilmington’s public radio station, WHQR.  Please take a listen here:   Gulf Radio Piece for Anniversary (Produced by Roderick McClain.)

  1. Bill Diskin writes:

    Sad one year anniversary…

  2. George de Gramont writes:

    Amazing. Really enjoyed it . Looking forward to next one on Friday & especially looking forward to your book. GdG.