1. M. Graham writes:

    I’m at the point, basically, where my anger is slipping into rage.


  2. matthew hall writes:


    Unsolicited advice/request: add one of those Twitter gizmos so we can tweet this photo directly. Even if you hate Twitter. 😉

  3. kate sidwell writes:

    David Steve and I saw the special last night about BP, Steve was so horrified.
    Keep writing people are so spaced these days, they are retreating and going into La la land that is what we are seeing.
    We are working to end the Monsanto spraying, all these things relate to the climate change. Round Up is still sold everywhere, there is a new formula of white vinegar, epson salt and dawn detergent. works like magic if you have too many weeds, but dandelions are great for the bees?
    Do you and Nina have anytime you would like to us Slough Road in the next year. We are planning to make a few trips and would love to accomodate you. Perhaps Hadley would like to bring a few friends for a week or so sometime when you have breaks?

    take care, keep writing. Cant wait to see what you go wrote this winter, you and Buddy in the hunkering mode.