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This is a project that I worked on in my twenties.  Like all the other projects from that time, it never saw the light of publication.  I’ll be excerpting from it from time to time.



To be Continued…..


















  1. Tommy writes:

    I love this also. Chuck the drawings for photos, black and whites, and you might have something people will want to look at. These stories are all about you though, “I was doing this, when this happened….” – broaden it. (my two cents, or as Barkan would say, “Who asked ya?”)

  2. Bill writes:

    Dave, I love this. It’s fun to see so many of your themes and motifs moving along through the years. The drawings are beautiful. And I like the mode, the restlessness of the mind here… And the typewriter, nice… Makes me wish I knew you then, and then again helps me know you now. thanks.