Alive and Well! A San Francisco Independent Bookstore Photo Haiku

categories: Cocktail Hour / Reading Under the Influence


City Lights!

Booksmith, a great reading at my SF host.


Book Passage in the Ferry Building

  1. Tommy writes:

    Bill, you look positively YOUNG in blue light!

    Actually, you look positively young in Book Passage, too.

    What’s going on, who’s your guru?!?!

  2. Debora writes:

    Jazz cool. Very beat. Love those city lights!

    Looks like good times at Book Smith and Book Passage…what sweet people! Good haiku energy coming through these photos.

    It’s been something like 6 years since I have been to SF…my parents took us there a few times when I was a kid…it’s on my just-around-the-corner list to do again many times. Now I will have some new places to visit. It will be fun to feel like, Oh I know this place…Plus I want to do this cross country bike trip that they do out there through wine country. Lots to do and see in the big town! It was nice to catch a glimpse.