A Few More Ballads

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While I was digging out the Rocky Flats cartoon I came upon a few more Ballads of Boulder….

Obviously the one below is from before John actually had a ring to kiss…





















  1. Bill writes:

    Love the primate exhibit..

  2. Tommy writes:

    “You could kiss his ring if you had one” – ouch! First panel looks like more of The Grinch!

  3. Rahul Dave writes:

    Nice! And the unfit can also stay on the sidewalk and off the trails :-).

    Gotta love the place tho!

    How many of these did you make when in Boulder? Were they published in a local rag?

    • Dave writes:

      Yup. They were all published while I was there, from 1992–1997 in the Boulder Weekly. Hope to spend some time out there this summer.